Thursday, April 2, 2009


In my small group last Monday, the question was asked, "How has the love of God transformed you?" I could not give an adequate answer, except to say, He changed everything. Everything I had ever known or believed was changed in an instant, with one moment in a bath tub. One moment of mercy and grace. One moment where my Creator, our Creator spoke to me in a way I could not deny. I was previously able to write off a miracle saving from a train as a freak coincidence, so God wrecked my heart so I could no longer write Him off. He snapped it like a twig under foot. I could no longer deny that He loved me, so I wept. I think He may have wept too. So it is really hard for me to answer that question because it's answer brings with it so much heart break, so much joy and sorrow, so much of what makes me, me. Me with the grace of God hovering over my every step. I forget so many times what God has done for me, how He has transformed everything. But I can tell tell, you as always that no matter how much I do not know about Him, I do know that He is good. He is making everything new again.

How has the love of God, transformed you?


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  1. I thought my life was planned out. It was what I wanted for me, but there was another plan. He took something away from me and at the time I couldn't understand why and I fell away from him, but he has blessed me in a way that I can not even begin to explain. He has come back into my life and I am grateful!