Wednesday, April 8, 2009


"Free grace can go into the gutter, and bring up a jewel!" Charles Spurgeon

It really is amazing the places you can learn about the grace of God. As a Christian culture, we condemn the drunken and addicted, yet in the sweaty stink of a church basement, God resides with the recovering. Recovering because of the grace of God. We scream justice for those rebellious and in prison, yet in a little cell, there is a chaplain and a handful of people who have missed the mark and now enjoy God's grace, in recovery. Recovering because of God's grace.

What a thought that the God that split the earth, that brought the rains to flood everything, separating the continents, cleansing it of it's sin, would reside in such an empty an filthy vessel as my heart. A man in recovery. Recovering because of God's grace.

Sin is this cancer that invades our lives, attacking one area of us, then spreading to the rest filling us with the pain of illness, of sin, and of death. We cannot stop it any more than you can keep the disease away. We are rendered helpless against our dying bodies, but then something happens. God who seems distant most of the time changes everything. He lifts us up, helpless and hopeless and cleanses us of our illness, repairs us, restores us. So we live. Not only live, but thrive, basking in the blessing and goodness of God Himself as He looks on us with joy. I have never pictured God looking at me with joy. Most of my visions of God revolve around how dumb I must look to Him, yet God promises to have no memory of my folly. So I get to live, when justice to us, would mean for me to die for the things I have done. But here I stand forgiven. Because of God's grace.


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