Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Living Without

What can you live without?

I am trying to re-evaluate the things I can and cannot live without, not necessarily to get rid of all of the things I can live without, but to put them in their place. I think that when we get comfortable with our lives and situations, we often become jaded over what is true reality. For example, if I were to complain about the loneliness and quiet of working alone at home all day, I would then be forgetting how much harder it is to get up, get ready with real clothes, not sweatpants, get in the car and commute in the morning with a million other people. Have to deal with people who are evil in the work place and then jump back in the car and drive an hour home to do it all again the next day bright and early. So I can't complain, because sitting outside to my right every morning as I drink a coffee and work are birds that chirp and the sun shines through my window and there is real freedom. So it is a reminder not to complain about my situation, because, really, I love it.

It is important to put things in their place because soon enough, they creep up in importance when they mean nothing at all, and they run your life.

Master the things in your life, or you will end up being their slave.

Ever panic and consider turning around and going back home to get your forgotten phone?
I do not like existing without my iPod.
Ever look in the couch cushions to find cigarette money?
Ever covet your weekends?
Ever get addicted to a website?
Ever go to the refrigerator when you are sad, or go shopping?


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  1. About a week ago, I found your old cordless phone in the couch you guys gave us. Sadly, no cig money. Although, in my case, it would be clove money.

  2. HMMM. Got me thinking.