Wednesday, April 15, 2009

God IS Needed

Last Friday, I was sitting in school learning about the urinary system, not too interesting stuff. I got sick of sitting their. For some reason the teacher decided to change things up. We are supposed to have lecture form 9 AM to 10:20, then a lab from 10:25 to 12:20, then a lunch until 1 PM, then another lecture from 1 to 2:20 PM. Then home. The professor is a creature of routine. We never get out early, we never start late. Friday, he combined the two lectures, skipped the lunch and made the lab optional, which I opted out of. The only one to opt out of. I walk out of the building and through the science building, then through the Fine Arts building and out the door to my car that was parked just outside the doors. I got in and drove away to the exit. Just as I did, there was a deranged gunman bursting through the very same doors I just left and opening the doors of a classroom that was holding a young woman rehearsing a part for her play. He pulled out a shotgun and shot her, killing her instantly. He sat in that room for several minutes until he could hear the sirens. When he was surrounded, he pulled the trigger on himself, dying instantly. No one saw anything, just the shots were heard. The school went on lock down for a few hours, then the students were released. The man was a classmate of the woman's, but not really a friends, he was a stalker.
It has been nagging at me since it happened how things played out. Why do these gunmen choose public places to kill a person or themselves? Why did he like the girl so much he had to kill her too?
Such terrible violence. That morning the girl went to school expecting an average day, and she never came home. That night 2 sets of parents wept all night long.
When will the world realize how badly we need God?


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  1. WTH! your kidding right!? i mean, not about needing God, but the shooting. that really just happened... and moments after you left! OK, i just looked it up in another window, and nope, your not messin around. that is crazy! how did this happen friday, and i not know about it? i guess it isn't a huge story anymore when it happens so often these days. your right though, i wish people would realize how much they need God.

  2. Jesus help us. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.

  3. If there was a God, then the world would have a God, would it not? So, often people who do such things tried to turn their lives over to God, but God was not there.

  4. Or could it be they tried to turn themselves over to the god of their own understanding and not the God that is real? Or maybe they were mentally ill.

  5. it's not uncommon to feel like God isn't near. that doesn't mean that he isn't though. he is always there and available.