Friday, April 24, 2009

Foggy Glass

Does anyone else have the subconscious feeling that there is more going on inside your mind than most others? What causes this? The intricacies of our memories and feelings, or simple arrogance. Some people just seem like meat and potatoes is all they really are, and I envy that sometimes. Some people seem so superficial, like what you see is exactly what you get. It isn't true, but their behavior tells the world that.

We are complex beings, so why do we act so stupid? I do things that make myself raise an eyebrow, and wonder what in the world am I even saying, while I am saying it. Foolish. I often read Proverbs and look at all that is said of a fool, and sadly, so much reveals me. I am a fool, I think. If I weren't a fool, I could tell you for sure, yet I would not even think of doing some of the things I see every day around me. It is discouraging because people have been drinking the Kool-Aid for so long. I guess that is why we need God to transform us with the renewing on our minds, because we are broken. Completely broken. Not one person reading this isn't. Admit it right now. Say it out loud. We are a broken people. We need to know that to realize that God has us. We need God because we suck.

When we do it our way, we fail. No matter how noble our attempt, because we need a Savior, that has been given to us. That's why Jesus told His people to follow Him, because He is truth. I'm sick of the lies, aren't you? When we realize that all we really have for sure is God, then we realize freedom, the "Life to the fullest" we have yearned for our entire lives.

I really don't like being human. I can't wait to be perfected.


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  1. You ain't the only one that says stupid stuff sometimes. Me too!

  2. true shhtuff. i have no problem admitting my suckiness.

  3. Sometimes I wish the little guy inside my head would take a holiday. It can be such hard work, but I wonder whether it has to be so hard? The world tells us life is hard and unfair but sometimes I think it is simple - love. Shame that it isn't seen that way by most.

  4. There are few days that go by that I am not made accutly aware of my brokeness on one level or another, and I know that when days go by that I miss it, it's because I was in the process of showing it again. But, keep the faith man. we may be broken and depraved, but that doesn't mean life isn't still a blessing. Jesus has still erased your sin, past present and future.

    -Mecha B

  5. Somedays I feel confined in my own skin. I fail and fall short so much, that my soul longs to be free. It is a strange feeling. I do think some people are simple minded and are content to be so. Somedays that irritates me and other days I envy it. I am so complicated on every level that it makes me tired.

  6. I wonder if I am Bipolar.