Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Church Silliness

My mom was telling me on Easter of a few reasons she left her church recently.
1. They started using worship towels, now I am not too offended afterall, I did invent the worship wave, but they would pass out these towels for the worshipers to wave when the Spirit compelled them, like when your favorite team scores.
2. They spent 40,000 dollars on a sign you can't read.
3. You have to tithe at their church with evidence in your taxes to receive any financial help, even the homeless.
4. They named the worship towel, "Spirit Rally Rags."

Churches do some pretty strange things. What would Jesus say? Would He grab a rally rag and wave it in worship? Maybe. Would He plaster His image on that digital sign? Um. Would He need to see your taxes to give to you? He never did. So why then?

Some Christians need an attitude adjustment. What is God about anyway?

Jesus didn't vote
Jesus left money issues alone
Jesus didn't need a rally rag to praise God

So why do we?



  1. rally rag. hahaha. that's awesome ( in a really sick and twisted way). the only thing missing is a golden pulpit and then they'll really be anointed.

    so we have to *give* to *receive*?

    ...yeah...that's totally what Jesus did on the cross...

  2. If I had a Spirit Rally Rag, I'd wave it right now. hehe. Just playin'...maybe.

    I think it's silly. Worship how you want, give like you should.

  3. Very odd! I'm on the floor laughing. You were right.

  4. I'm thinking Paul would have been more effective with a rag.

  5. WOW.

    I don't know what to say.

  6. If you could draw, what would Jesus look like to you, Adam?

  7. Who said I couldn't draw?

    I can't. :(

    He would be a 4 foot ten dark, Hebrew guy with a winning smile and calloused hands.

  8. Funny .. always pictured him around 5'2" at minimum.

    You are making me feel guilty for painting my face this past Sunday.