Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Prospect Of Getting Old

It's my birthday today, so I will try and forget the tantrum I threw yesterday directed at Mr. Obama, whom I will not acknowledge as president until he stops killing people.

I slept in. Really bad. I woke up at 9, then drifted back off to sleep assuming I would wake up again soon with my own little internal snooze alarm, but I didn't and I slept clear until 2 PM.

31 years old and I can't remember any time actually passing by. I am not old at all, but I smell the prospect of getting old. Turning 31 reminds me that one day, I will turn 41, then 51. Sorry to anyone out there that is older than me, or either of those two numbers I just wrote. I do not mean to remind you of your impending doom, I only wish to convey my displeasure for aging.

Last year I told everyone that from now on I was going to go backwards in age, this year making me 29, because I feel like a 29 year old, or a 25 year old rather. With the exception of several rogue hairs I constantly have to pluck out of my eyebrows that seem to want to be white like God's hair for some reason, I don't think I am looking older.

Anyway, this post is all over the map, I need to focus or stop writing for today, I think I will choose the latter.

By the by, I am officially endorsing the word "NOBAMA" that can be used to in every day reference instead of the P- WORD which I have eliminated from my vocab.


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  1. Hey man, happy birthday mate. You're not old, by the way, I have a couple of years on you and another birthday in a matter of days myself....

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. You have me beat by one year.

  3. happy belated! hey man, i didn't touch the computer yesterday. sorry. anyhizzy, i hope you had a wonderful birthday. sounds like sleeping in till 2pm is a great start.

    i'm not old either, but i keep getting gray hairs. also, every year i get like 2 more chest hairs. of course, i still can't grow a beard or a gotee, for that matter.

  4. I missed it! oops..I've been out of the blog world, but Happy Birthday!
    Also -- I JUST said the other day that when I turn 30 in May, I am just going to say 29 instead :) Yesterday someone asked me if I was 22, so I guess I'm doin ok.

  5. Happy birthday, I've felt the same all along. My advice enjoy what you got. It doesn't get any easier. I'm 44 and still feel 25. Which is all fine and dandy till you realize 25 year old people don't see you that way.