Monday, March 30, 2009

My Weekend With Students Without Modest Bathing Suits

Got back last night from the water park trip with the students. The kids had a good time, but it was and always is stressful to deal with teenagers. It started kinda scary, such is the case with all of my youth group trips, we never start very well. We got to the hotel and they had botched the reservation, only being able to accommodate 12 of the 16 people we brought, and they said they were at capacity and no refunds would be given (We had paid in full in advance). So I asked to see a manager and to my joy, she was much more caring and gifted us a room just 2 doors down from our original rooms at no extra cost. Awesome, God is awesome!

Asked a couple of students to watch our kids for 2 seconds to get something and Laura came back 2 minutes later and they were making out and our kids were left alone. Awesome!

I love teenagers though. They make you feel both young and old at times, but are super fun to work with even if they will send me to my grave early. It is a thankless job at times as teens don't think about how much work you put into just getting them to youth group when none of them drive, but it is rewarding when you see one of your students reading their Bible on the way home. I love it. God is Awesome!

Anyway, I am tired, I worked 70 hours last week and don't have much time to play with this week either, but I figure one day, in Heaven it will all pay off.

I hope.


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  1. Trips like that made some of my most favorite memories. Those kids won't forget it.