Monday, March 9, 2009

I'm Done With Being Civil

Another day, another slap in the face to American citizens. I am trying to keep my cool and give as much grace as I can to President Obama. However, today marked the latest of his offenses toward unborn babies and I will not keep silent. Mr. Obama has decided to sign an executive decision to allocate my taxes, our taxes to fund embryonic stem cell research. Now babies can be made to be destroyed and used for testing. How much killing must be done before revolt, I wonder? If these were 10 year old kids and being killed, how long until the government was forcefully overthrown?

I am no longer listening to anyone who tells me they are pro-choice. This term is ignorant and should not be allowed to be used when talking about the murder of innocent children by the millions. Do I have a choice where my tax dollars go in regard to funding "embryonic stem cell research" (Another term I will no longer allow). Apparently I do not have a choice because Mr. Obama has crapped on my civil rights. Not even to mention again, the civil rights of all now dead unborn babies. But he says "That's above his pay grade." Now they are talking about forcing all hospitals, namely Catholic ones to perform abortions. I wonder what legacy this guy will leave when the economy crashes even more after all the Catholic hospitals close their doors.

This is an angry blog I know. But how much sitting an twiddling of the thumbs can we do before we let this guy know, that he is legislating, funding, and giving his approval to murder.



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  1. seriously! it's weird. he is openly doing heinous things and people are still singing his praises.

  2. I agree completely. As of yesterday the gloves are off. This is crap. Our nation is going down the poop-hole fast. I choose to not have my tax dollars spent on generational homicide. That's my choice. A choice I'm not able to make. How ironic.

  3. it's one thing to think this stem cell research is ok. it's a whole lot different when you give the go ahead for the entire country to fund its research. not to mention the funding of overseas abortions. half, if not more than half of the country, doesn't even agree with this crap. he has a lot of nerve, but we knew this was coming didn't we. the church couldn't even unite to keep this monster out of our White House. what a shame.