Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I Am Asking Obama For A Bail-Out

Feeling a bit better after a few days of hellish sickness. I had a birthday, I got some cool things from my wife and mothers. Laura got me a Samsung Instinct smartphone which has really helped me stay organized and respond faster to emails. Also allows me to post from the road which is the fun part. My mothers both gave me money, which was used to by some noise canceling headphones because my earbuds are broken and have become an electrocution hazard. Anyone ever use noise canceling headphones? It may wreck your ears, not sure yet, but they make the whole world go by by which is nice when you have had enough of listening to Spongebob reruns, and screaming, and fighting for a few minutes to relax and recoup.
Over the last week, Laura and I have started watching Lost beginning with season 1. In the past I have been critical of this show because of some shenanigans I saw while checking out a random episode in season 3. But after watching the beginning, I get it. I now understand why people are crazy for this show, because it is really good. Laura and I are just waiting for one day that the kids are at the grandmas or something and we can take a whole day and watch all day long.
This morning I woke up in prayer, and I felt good after a month of darkness, all of the sudden the sun came up. So praise God for that. He is working in my life, showing me faith, showing me peace and joy.
Well enough random housekeeping, just wanted to pop in for some updates.


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  1. Good present, Laura!

    Glad the sun is back.

    Noise canceling is a great concept. I think I may have to break out my neon orange earplugs today.

  2. sorry you had such explosive diarrhea.

    cool gifts though!

    God is good!

  3. You can ask, but he's more likely to kill a baby before he helps anyone.

  4. Man you hit the mother load!

    Lost is a great show for sure it has been one of my addictions for a couple years now. I had to go back and watch from Season One as well to figure out what is going on... Ummm didn't help for the most part. I am still LOST (pun intended)