Sunday, March 8, 2009

Growing The Thorns

So it's like we are living in this matrix that is controlled by some other power other than God. I don't think I will ever understand the reason that I or anyone else falls into these traps and believes some of the things that are being systematically fed to us since infancy. We are a culture that is run almost completely by the elite, both in politics and in media. And the worst part is that the vast majority do not even know it, they are going about their lives basing their concepts of reality, morals, and politics on some hierarchy whom they have never met or studied. We call this political correctness, we call it Republican and Democrat, we call this pro-life and pro-choice as if a stance on the future of a particular infant can be categorized and dehumanized by giving it a neat little name that isn't horrific on the ears so we can debate in a civilized way over the genocide of a generation, or lack thereof. There simply is no civilized way to debate whether life is valuable. For instance, High On The Hog posted a blog about the bill that is ready to get reintroduced to Congress after having failed during the Bush term. It is a bill that will make it every woman's right to have an at will abortion, which is nothing new, but it will require that Catholic hospitals and Gyno's perform the abortions against their beliefs and wills. The Catholic Church says it will do one of two things if it passes. It will disregard the law and act out in civil disobedience (I prefer this stance). Or it will shut down all of it's Catholic hospitals which comprise a large amount of jobs and lack of proper health care for the sick. I am proud that they are refusing to comply, however what kind of country waves the flag of freedom, then strips it's people of the right to believe that murder is murder.

Today my pastor held up a bottle of water. He told a story of house Figi water, which is a high end gourmet water, cannot even be found in Figi, being that more than half of Figi has no clean water to drink at all. But we American's love to think we are gourmet. So we pay for it, and it came from the tap, or from re-used sewer water. There has never been any studies showing a difference between tap water and bottled water, because there is no difference, except in some cases the tap water was cleaner.

Everyone loves Ikea. Great looking furniture at affordable prices. Which should make you stop and think, how are they making the prices so cheap? I wonder? Despite their talk about fair trade and good business practices, they are brutal in their outsourcing to child labor and prison labor. But at least our furniture matches our curtains.

Most people are not able to eliminate labels in their lives. They choose a side, such as Republican or Democrat and buy in to all of their practices and assume that their guys are the good guys and the others are the bad ones. Here is the truth...they are all the bad guys. Our political system is so corrupted with the lust for money and power that a great bill to cure world hunger could pass along and it would be failed by one of the two parties. By the by, if America wanted to, it could cure world hunger. It could provide clean water to ALL people. Why doesn't it if we are the good guys?

We tell the world they can't have nukes, they are just to dangerous. Well who is the only country to use one on another country. A bit hypocritical for a country that believes they are leading the world in morality and are the greatest in the world. Then we ask, why do other countries hate us. How about this. I am going to go around and tell everyone I meet that I am the best at everything and I will kick your AS$ if you disagree with me. I will wear clothing plastered with my face on it and walk right by those that are hungry and disenfranchised. I'll look out for number one and step on anyone I have to along the way, all the while claiming the high ground on moral issues. I wonder what other people would think of me?

I have fallen into so many of these traps and still am amazed every time my eyes are opened and I realize that I have been sucked into another lie and I believed what my itching ears wanted to believe, but not the truth. I beg God for the transforming of my mind. For Him to open my eyes and the eyes of the church, and our country. Because the church can be the worst culprit of the perpetuation of lies. When we focus on buildings and air conditioning and new equipment, we lose sight of the hungry. These are the people God said to care for, He said if you claim to love God and do not care for your brother, you lie to yourself about loving God. Church, this is why people hate us. Maybe we aren't just taking persecution for the cause of Christ. Maybe people are reacting to our hypocrisy and questioning whether God exists in organized religion. The answer is...Yes. God exists and rules in organized religion, but the thorns are smothering the wheat and killing some crops. We must open our eyes to the fact that we are growing the thorns.


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  1. amen to that.

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