Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Clink

I have been to jail 5 times. No small accomplishment I might add. I wish I could have gone to jail for more BA things like barroom brawls, or a stabbing, but I went for the dumb things.
1st Time- Shop lifting. We stole some cd's and some Neosporin for our new tattoos. In high school, we stole as a hobby, the little things. Things like our place settings at restaurants or the value meal sign at McDonalds. Got caught once the same day and escaped, only to get caught again later and arrested.
2nd- Driving on a suspended license.
3rd- Busted on a warrant for an unpaid fine. (See second arrest)
4th- Driving on a suspended license.
5th- Driving on a suspended license.

Not sexy, but time served all the same.

I want to know if you have spent any hard time and for what.


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  1. No time spent in the clink, but my husband is officially banned from Farmer Jacks thanks to a certain someone...


    Good thing they closed down.

  2. Whoops thats right. Forgot about that. They obviously needed our business. We shut them down. To The Ground.

  3. Never did any time, but got a ride in a cop car when we went mail box smashing.

  4. i snuck out at night with a friend. i was probably twelvish years old. we weren't out the door for but 5 minutes and a cop starts driving down the street. we know how suspicious we look (we have doo rags on our heads and bats in hand. not to mention the spray paint hidden in our pant legs). so we decide to book to the very near elementary school and hide in the back. the cops caught an obvious glimpse of us as we almost touched the hood of their car when we bolted. we found a spot in the back of the school. it took the cop a good 5 seconds or so to drive around and spot us laying on the ground in the shadows. we knew we was busted so we bashed the headlights of the popo's ride. we were promptly apprehended and taken downtown. parents were called. it was ugly. never been arrested since.

  5. Does marriage count.....I'm just kidding :)

  6. I am a pastor's son. Too risky to acutally get picked up. So I hold the record for that guy who should have been arrested but for some reason was untouchable....

    Except when I got kicked out of college for a week ... my first weekend of freshman year. Hard Core.

    I did get a parking ticket when I was getting my tat done... although I paid for my own neosporine

  7. I can't say mine on here. My dad still doesn't know about it. I need his approval :)