Friday, March 6, 2009


Finally, we have a genuinely nice day. It is warm and not raining! I want to go out before Michigan throws more snow on me and covers us with the Tundra of Alaska. Seriously, I have felt like an Ice Road Trucker this year which I like only for a few weeks, then change.

Change. What kinds of things can be done with change.

You can give some to someone who is poor, or at least poor at the moment, which is something that I have been studying about for the last year or so.

You can obviously become President with change.

You can finally change your clothes, such as a certain orange fleece High On The Hog touts.

You can change your plans to live for yourself and live for God even if it seems uncomfortable.

You can change your mind about something you suspect you are wrong about.

You can change a diaper, then put the dirty one in a friends mailbox.

Anyway, you want to do it, I think we all need some change.


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  1. I agree we all do need some change!

    also i think since warm weather is near hopefully The "orange fleece" will go into retirement. well at least till fall. eek! lol

  2. the orange fleece will never be gone.

    check your mailbox.

  3. I can make the orange monstrosity vanish again :)

    I want to change my job, does the weather mean I can?

  4. i need to change my banana hammock!