Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Cars Go By

Where is everyone going so fast, me included? Everyone seems to have a place to go and they are all running late. For me, I just hate waiting in lines. I just would rather not do it, it is a waste of time, so I race for the door as soon as I get out of the car to beat the family of 12 that will set me back at least 15 minutes. What are we so eager to get to? I say. Are we eager to get older faster having missed so many good things in our vigorous attempt to race against time to get really only to the next day, the next race?

Take your time. Leave earlier if you need to and enjoy your life.



  1. So that was YOU that zipped by us the other day.

    Da#m% you.

  2. Are you the one who pushed my wife and children to the ground the other day?

    She got a bloody nose you monster!