Saturday, March 14, 2009

Awake. Alone.

There is this moment between awake and lucid sleep where you aren't quite sure what reality is. It is in these moments that I get stuck sometimes for days. A good dream can make you happy, but usually make me sad when I realize, they aren't real. Bad dreams stick for a lesser amount of time, but set the day off in anger. I dread the really good dreams the most, so much that I lie awake in my bed for fear of a different reality, one I cannot bear. For some, the truth is the unbearable dream.

March 9th, I went to bed and dreamt about the ghosts of my youth, March 10th, I woke up an old man.

In 30 more years, I will be 61, in 30 more, I will be long gone and forgotten. What a chasing after the wind

Sorry for the dramatics and narcisism, it is very late, and I cannot sleep and have gotten lonely, which brings out many oddities

Call me when you get there.


  1. The middle of the night can be a strange time. Hey man, you may feel lonely (we all do sometimes) but you are not alone.

  2. 3:54 am is pretty dang early.

    I dreamed that Elise got stung by two huge bees. It was sad.

  3. Please discontinue the killer stuff. It would make anyone sad.