Friday, February 6, 2009

Yoga Time

I did yoga last night with the wife. It sucks. I go to the gym 4 days a week and lift millions of pounds, but it sucked so bad to stretch. It was cool sometimes though, like when the guy on the video let us lay down and relax, that was really cool. I did not expect to sweat, but I did. I might do it again if no one is looking, I have to admit the poses look pretty stupid.

I started reading Into The Wild, one of my favorite movies ever. I was told the book is better and being that the movie was so good than the book should make me really happy. (Isn't that concept odd, a book make you happy? Maybe the Bible) I like it a lot so far. It reads very different than the movie. The move never told you how it all worked out till the end which movies usually do. The book tells you right from the get go and then works on that mood for the rest of the next few chapters so far. So many thought that the guy the book was based off of was an idiot and lunatic to go by foot with no cash across the country then into the wild of the Alaskan bush, but I don't think so. I think he was coping with the evil in the world. He saw what was being offered as unfulfilling so he left. He got away to somewhere quiet. He stopped believing the lie that we NEED so many things. The things he values were relationships with others and the beauty of God's creation. I think that's cool


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  1. Sorry to rain in your parade, but????

    Question: "What is the Christian view of yoga?"

    Answer: For many Christians in the West who don't understand the history behind it, yoga is simply a means of physical exercise and strengthening and improving flexibility of the muscles. However, the philosophy behind yoga is much more than physically improving oneself. It is an ancient practice derived from India, believed to be the path to spiritual growth and enlightenment.

    The word "yoga" means "union," and the goal is to unite one's transitory (temporary) self with the infinite Brahman, the Hindu concept of "God." This god is not a literal being, but is an impersonal spiritual substance that is one with nature and the cosmos. This view is called "pantheism," the belief that everything is God and that reality consists only of the universe and nature. Because everything is God, the yoga philosophy makes no distinction between man and God.

    Hatha yoga is the aspect of yoga which focuses on the physical body through special postures, breathing exercises, and concentration or meditation. It is a means to prepare the body for the spiritual exercises, with fewer obstacles, in order to achieve enlightenment. The practice of yoga is based on the belief that man and God are one. It is little more than self-worship disguised as a high level of spirituality.

    The question becomes, is it possible for a Christian to isolate the physical aspects of yoga as simply a method of exercise, without incorporating the spirituality or philosophy behind it? Yoga originated with a blatantly anti-Christian philosophy, and that philosophy has not changed. It teaches one to focus on oneself instead of on the one true God. It encourages its participants to seek the answers to life's difficult questions within their own conscience instead of in the Word of God. It also leaves one open to deception from God's enemy, who searches for victims that he can turn away from God (1 Peter 5:8).

    Whatever we do should be done for God's glory (1 Corinthians 10:31), and we would be wise to heed the words of the apostle Paul: "Fix your thoughts on what is true and honorable and right. Think about things that are pure and lovely and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise" (Philippians 4:8, NLT).

    However, I think the Pope says its fine so you should be ok.

  2. I also read the book after seeing the movie and I thought it helped understand him even better. I did like how the book got the ending out of the way straight up. Overall, though, an amazing story. I'm not brave enough to try something like that, for sure.

  3. Into the Wild is an amazing book.

    Except for two random chapters where the author just talks about himself. Watch out for those.

  4. Ha! Anonymous, whoever you are, the comments are cracking me up.

    If you're playing on the Wii, you should know that you can select a girl trainer or guy trainer, and you can pick whether you view them from the front or behind...

    I know...

    lots of options.

    My favorite is the tree. Especially when K-Dogg does it.

  5. Word for word:

  6. Yoga smoga

    Its a good way to relax and stretch the muscles and clear out the mind. Is it any different in that sense than going out a run or sitting in a steam room? You allow your mind and body to be cleared and filled with peace and otherness.
    The spiritual aspect of yoga is somewhat irrelevant when you view it as a simple exercise. Let's remember that its an exercise, that yes derives from Eastern religious and philosophical origins but in no way makes you a worshiper and follower of the practices just because you practice the physical side of it once in a while.

    Sectarian comments regarding the pope aren't helpful, big or clever ....

  7. You are very good at the Warrior 2

  8. Burkulater,

    How else would someone come up with that?

  9. P.S.

    I yahoo search engined it. Not sure if that was the link??? Or,, Maybe that link stole it from me?? Did you ever think of that?

  10. The pope is funny. At least the last one was.

  11. Who knew yoga would generate so many comments?
    I certainly did not.


    This IP Network has been on my site 128 times. And wouldn't you know that many appear at the same time as some of the "Anonymous" comments.

    Military huh?

    My brother in law works for the government, so I think he may know how to find out who it is. Me and Jason will find this creep.

  13. Anonymous??????

    Like it was spoke in a different post, you allow the option. And for the record, there is a few people whom I work with who frequent your site and none that have used the term "Homo".

    However, it's nice that you Adam Coffman can call out "Anonymous" and use their name. IS that your true Christain Character? To allow people the comfort of an "Anonymous" post and then put their names. Maybe it is Cage time between you and I? I look forward to it. Will you place the names of Zombie, K-Dogg and ect? They are as "Anonymous" as "Anonymous". I hope I don't slip and reveal the real Santa someday??


  14. Oh,that was you? I thought me and you were going to find out who it was!

  15. Funny is a compliment.