Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Place That Holds God

Church would be better if everyone looked at each other as family. If a family member makes you mad or hurts you, you don't leave the family, you forgive. If a family member is hungry and has lost his job, you help to feed him, take him in to your own house even when there isn't much room. When your family breaks bread, you do so with them, when they mourn, you mourn, when they celebrate, you celebrate. It was never the design to have estranged families and it was never the design to have estranged churches. I realize there are a million other churches, but one Church. If we cannot treat those in The Church as brothers and sisters, and I mean real brothers and sisters, not just calling them that in some Christianese lingo, we should take a closer look at what God says about the Church. We are:
His Bride
His Body
His Children

Why can't we act like it. You don't have to like everyone, but you do have to love everyone. But it would be nice if we could make a real attempt at liking everyone.

If you have been hurt...forgive
If you are estranged...come back, work it out
If you think you can have communion with God and hate your brother and slander him, you are mistaken.


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  1. Got to agree with you Adam. Church should be like a family, for some reason that doesn't always happen. When you get hurt by church it hurts harder than you expect, in my experience anyway.

  2. Yeah, it bothers me when people randomly leave my church. I don't even have to know them really well. I just wonder what is so bad that they'd rather be at the little white church down the road.

  3. I heard a pastor's wife recently say her daughter is sick of the hypocritical nature of the church. That everyone is just blowing smoke up each others .... chimneys

    I felt for her. I know why she is saying it... unfortunately though, many don't understand that the church is made up of people, mouth breathers who try to get it right, but sometimes get it wrong. We are all fallen and we all sin ...

    The key is where is the church when you fall? Are they there to pick you up, hold you accountable in Christ, dust you off and put you back on the narrow path ? Or are they just there to offer condemnation ...

    Pretty sure Christ dusted off a lot of people when he walked this earth .... unfortunately his church is too busy blowing smoke at each other.

  4. My Church …is full of sinners and saints. My Church is where I go to receive Jesus,confess my sins, recieve forgiveness and God’s blessings in the sacraments. My Church is where I go to worship and pray as a community and as a family with others. My Church is a teacher, a guide, a bride, a mother and a family home My Church is not perfect because those within her are not perfect. That is why I am found within her walls, I am not perfect but with the grace the God and the Church as my teacher, I may one day be, just as all the other sinners within my Church, maybe one day with the Grace of God, we all will be saints bowing before the Lord in heaven.

    Peace of Christ to all.

  5. There are some people I would rather consider my Great Aunt's all in the family right? I think I'll have to work on that.