Monday, February 9, 2009


I miss the grunge era. I used to wear the flannels with the thermals underneath. I had the Doc Martins, and the long hair. I listened to Pearl Jam and Blind Melon. As a person with depression, you have to love an era where people are trying to imitate you, perfectly normal people trying to look and act like a depressed person. It was amazing. The music reflected what I was feeling, especially Counting Crows who sang absolutely nothing happy at all, until they wrote that horrible Accidentally In Love song for the Shrek movie, but I pretend they didn't do that. I think that is when I really fell in love with music. I loved the thought that you could really express yourself with it, talk about the things you would never have thought of doing before, and people would like it and sing with you.

Gumby and I pierced our ears with his mothers best pearl earrings during this period. We planned a trip across the country, but never made it (reality set in quickly). We had little true friends and liked it that way. Girls used to try to get my phone number at the mall and I would always give them Gumby's and once he even went out with one of the girls pretending to be me, she figured it our right away. We used to suburban snowboard, where you get on a snowboard attached to the back of Gumby's van held by a toe rope and let it pull us through the city. On one snow day, we went to a video store and heard birds in their drop ceiling. We lied and said we were free lance bird catchers. They gave us 300 dollars in free video rentals to remove them. We went home to get our equipment and came back with 2 pillow cases, a harmonica, some rubber gloves, and a tennis racket. We then proceeded to destroy their store taking down all of the poop infested ceiling tiles and finally emerging with the birds in the pillow cases. We removed every last one of them. But you should have seen their faces when I would hold out my arm and blow on the harmonica to call them. The customers looked at us hoping to see the bird come to us and land on my arm, it never happened.

Things change so fast. A year or two later, I was about to be a father in high school. Gumby went to the Navy, The Body got married, and the Backstreet Boys pushed grundge out the window. I hate that. I never realized how badly I needed to stay a kid at that time while it was happening, instead I tried to grow up too fast and now I miss it.

The Body and I went out last night. I guess we were both feeling the same way because he didn't want to do grown up things either, so we bought a lobster at 1 AM at Meijers and opened Gumby's door and threw it in. Gumby shrieked in terror and punched the lobster to the floor. We all laughed, then threw that thing in the pot and cooked it and ate it. It was good. I had a good time, it is nice to revisit things that have gotten lost in adulthood. We never realize how fast this stuff goes away when you are facing bills, and work, and taxes.


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  1. Funnily enough, I was never a huge grunge fan though I have several Pearl Jam CDs. Songs that hug me when I'm feeling a bit low aren't obvious ones. Then there's Meatloaf's Life Is A Lemon And I Want My Money Back, which is great when you're angry..

  2. With the remainder placed lovingly (only not really) on someone's vehicle.....

  3. Pearl Jam was one of my favorites!
    right up there with Snoop D-O-DUBBA-G!

  4. I wore flannels and doc's in high school. I miss those carefree days too.

  5. I was totally a grunger. I cried when Kurt died. I saw HOLE in concert. I shopped for clothes at thrift stores.

    AH. The good days.

  6. K-dogg are you taking a dump in your profile picture?