Friday, February 27, 2009


This morning, a guy stands on the ledge of the I-96 bridge overlooking the morning traffic passing beneath. Takes a breath, then jumps into the rapidly moving traffic. 96 is usually jammed up, why couldn't it have been today? I get to school and sit down and this girl comes in shrieking after receiving a text from one of her friends who were on the scene looking at the scattered parts of the jumper. She starts laughing and shouting. Like some girl who just missed Conan O'Brien getting coffee at Starbucks, she is upset, she missed the excitement. Some of the other girls join in, saying they had just passed there and barely missed it. Are you serious? I say. That isn't funny. A guy hates himself so much to end his life, putting unsuspecting motorists at risk as well. And laughing erupts? Sometimes I wish I lived somewhere else. Somewhere where life is respected...all life. Somewhere where we don't take for granted all of the blessings God has generously and graciously given us. I doubt, the cars that smashed into this man are laughing or glad they made it for the show. I doubt the family of the dead are laughing now that they lost their son, their friend, their relative. I don't know what the issue is, whether it is selfishness, or entertainment violence, or neither, or both, but why?


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  1. do you ever feel like you are living in the twilight zone?
    i don't understand this world. i never have.

    (nice bon iver. i love his music!)

  2. Sounds like you were at a place where I used to work.

  3. One of my friends did this exact thing about 10 years ago. I still wonder what his state of mind must have been at the time. I wonder if there's something I could have done to have prevented it. Life is precious....such a waste.

  4. It's pretty sad, isn't it. The sanctity of life is missing on many differing levels.

  5. I lost one of my best friends at 13 ... 13 .... what the hell goes through the mind of a 13 year old?

    As for the gigglers ... they are everywhere ... you can never escape them. That is the state of the world