Thursday, February 26, 2009


Early in my life, I had only known two fears, Nuclear holocaust and airplanes. When I was young, we lived next to a park that I played in everyday. At this park is where I met Tom. Tom was a young man in his early twenties who used to sit in that park and play saxophone all day long. My favorite song was Pachabel Canon. Tom was my best friend until I moved again a year later. He was an interesting mammal that had deep and scary visions of the future. It was from Tom that I learned about nuclear holocaust. Tom assured me that the old A-bomb was inevitable. The A-bomb would kill everyone in sight, and they say that Detroit is one of the major targets because of the car companies, or so Tom said. So I have lived my life in expectation of the coming missile that will end our existence here in Michigan. Tom was a jerk. I was only eight or nine and I was all ready to build a fallout shelter. But today the threat still exists.
Airplanes I fear for the obvious reasons. You are stuck in a tin can thousands of feet above any walking individual. They say that it is the safest way to travel because there are more car accidents than plane crashes, but the difference is, in the car, you could survive, in the plane, you most likely will not. You are up there above the clouds and all is well and then turbulence. The wings start shaking and the lights flicker, then you here the captain come on the speakers, “Bing, passengers, please fasten your seat belts because we are about to plummet out of the sky to the ocean and all of us will die, so let us help the rescue guys to find our bodies by fastening ourselves to the floating chairs, thank-you and enjoy your death.” These things are the only fears I have had until now. It’s really trivial when you think about it. Both fears bring instant death, when I should be fearing the things that bring long term death. The things that you see in an old man’s eyes when you make a visit to the nursing home.


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  1. I fear what is best for me sometimes. That's dumb. It is best that I not work certain places for certain reasons.

  2. Blindness...I live with this looming fear that one day I am going to live in total darkness. To me death would be better! How would I function? Depending on others has never been my strong suite so that scares me because if blind that is what I would have to do to survive really!