Thursday, February 19, 2009


When was the first time you had your heart broken? I was in 11th grade. I had a lot of girlfriends before that, but I never really cared too much about them, dating was kind of a hobby or something to do when you are bored then. But I was in 11th grade when I first had a girlfriend that I really had feelings for. She dumped me through a phone call from her cousin a couple of hours before I was supposed to go to youth group. I didn't really like youth group at the time, the youth pastor had gotten let go and there was this cheesy guy that posed, but was much use to teens. I went because my friends were there. So I got really drunk just before and stumbled in there wreaking of booze. I may have been asked to leave, I can't remember, but what I do remember is that heartbreak sucked. I did many melodramatic things like sit and listen to songs on repeat and taking 6 Tylenol PM pills and waited to die. Didn't happen. Obviously.

Tell me about the first time you got your heart broken.

While you are at it, give me your melodramatic heartbreak play list. Mine is:

Perfect Blue Buildings- Counting Crows
Dreaming My Dreams- The Cranberries
Yesterday- Boys to Men
End Of The Road- Boys To Men
Is It Over Yet- Winona Judd
So Help Me Girl- Joe Diffie
Far Behind- Candlebox
One Last Cry- Brian Mcknight
I Let Her Lie- Darryl Singletary
I've Been Trying Too- Vince Gill
Glycerine- Bush
Better Man- Pearl Jam
Until I Fall Away- Gin Blossums
Best I've Ever Had- Vertical Horizon
The Freshman- The Verve Pipe
Brick- Ben Folds
Ghetto Bastar$- Naughty By Nature

There are many more, but you will notice I went through a terrible country phase for a spell, I am long since over that. Most songs are from the mid 90's because I haven't had my heart broken since. At least by a relationship.


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  1. 10th grade - couldn't trust himself around the college girls. yeah. apparently he couldn't trust himself around high school girls either, especially the one's that sat right next to me in class.

    he did show up years later proposing marriage.

    makes me scared that we have girls.

  2. I never really had my heart broken till the ex-wifey. You know that situation. Before that I seem to get over all of them fairly quickly. Maybe I'm bit off?

    PS. Burkulater, do I know this person you speak of?

  3. Maybe. He was 3 years older than us.

  4. I don't feel like I've ever really had my heart broken. Maybe just really hurt for a bit of time.

    But when that happens I listen to the Garden State Soundtrack..the Donnie Darko soundtrack (soundtracks are great setting moods), and anything else that's sad.

  5. fourth grade. my brother had a friend that i kind of befriended too. both of us would go to his house to hang out, and i couldn't wait to see his sister. we were actually the same age and in the same class. i guess she crushed on me too cuz she gave me my first kiss. anyway, she moved between fourth and fifth grade, and i was heartbroken. i knew i'd never see her again. the funny thing was, she only moved one city over. my heartache probably lasted a day, but i don't really remember.

  6. Geez my blog plays out as one break up after another I think sometimes. The first was when I was 19. I was working in Chicago and she was in Detroit she lasted two months then dumped me by phone.

  7. I married my first girlfriend - so I really don't know what it would feel like. I would probably listen to "Raining In Baltimore" on repeat for a few days while crying.

  8. 11th grade. Dumped me, chose someone else, got pregnant. All I got was sick to my stomach.

    By the way ... ghett0 b@$t@rd was a thinker ... I still have most of the lyrics floating in my head to this day ... you never been to the ghetto? Don't ever come to the ghetto ... because you wouldn't understand the ghetto .... so stay the p funk out of the ghetto.

    Lovely song. Great hook.

  9. I felt the same way as Brianisarockstar. Felt really sick to my stomach. It happened right before church so it helped talking to people there.

    As for songs, I actually just turned the radio off. I didn't find anything to help.

  10. 10th grade.... my boyfriend slept with my best friend because I wouldn't do it with him. If I am honest.... it still hurts today. I lost two of my most dear people in my life that day. And the worst part is.... they had a party and another one of my close friend's house and didn't tell me about the party because they had planned the whole night so the two of them could get it on without me knowing. Several of my friends were in on it. I found out when one of my friends couldn't take it anymore and felt too guilty. I lost a lot that day. I cried for weeks on end.

    I also sat a listened to songs on repeat over and over and over. For that particular event it was Nine Inch Nails "Something I can Never Have" from the album Pretty Hate Machine. If you have not heard this song.... it is VERY sad and a little twisted.

  11. 12th grade. Only time.
    4 a.m. (Our Lady Peace)

  12. I was in 12 grade, I had plans to hang out with him that day. I waited for him to call to confirm what time he was coming to pick me up. He never called. I tried calling him.. but no answer. So I tried calling our good friend Justin that lived two houses down from him. I guess he was there so i asked to talk to him.. i knew that something was different in the way he talked. so then he passed the phone back to Justin.. and i knew then.. i said are you gonna break up with me for him?.. then it all came out.
    It sucked really bad.. i stayed in my room for a week almost.. i went to school came home went strait to my room laid down and listened to music all day and slept.. i also was stupid and took things like Tylenol pm's and muscle relaxers. eep! i was so hurt that i didn't tell anyone we broke up till a week later when i could talk about it.
    Song list;(most of the songs were the songs he and i would listen to)
    Bright Eyes – No Lies, Just Love
    The good life-After O'Rouke's 2:10 A.M.
    The Good life-Don't Make Love So Hard
    death cab-album-The Photo Album
    Elliott – Speed of Film
    Ryan Adams – Dear Chicago
    Cursive – Staying Alive
    O M D – If You Leave
    From Autumn to Ashes – Autumns Monologue
    The Get Up Kids – Out of Reach
    Alkaline Trio-enjoy your day
    Tori Amos, Elliott smith
    and a few country songs as well
    and along with the boys to men songs