Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Today has been a busy one. Not a bad one, but a busy one. I got a lot done. Things that hopefully after tomorrow will not dribble away into the past having never mattered, like making the bed. I don't much like the mundane. I like to see a lasting effect on the the things I am hard at work on. It puzzles me why anyone would want to do something that makes no difference. Not that little things do not make a difference. Shoveling the snow brightens the day of your mail carrier and helps prevent injury, however the snow will pile up again. Taking a shower seems pointless because you will have to do it tomorrow too, however, you feel better clean and your co-workers are thankful. I am talking about making the bed. I am talking about the feeling we get when we are wasting our breathe and wasting our time doing something that we know will make no difference. Maybe some of these things are necessary, maybe not, but I take issue with the things I do that will not help anything. It seems like a colossal waste of time, when energy could be spent doing something that matters. Unfortunately much of what I do, I think is mundane, but that doesn't mean I am right. So I do them, like making sure all the youth activities are sent to the right people for the bulletin that none of the parents seem to read, or making order of services that no one pays any attention to. These things take time to make, but seem to have no real benefits. They may, but I am negative and do not see them.

What is mundane about your life?


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  1. Picking up toys all day long. I realized that nothing needs to be put away until bedtime. Otherwise I am a hampster on a wheel. We now save most chores until after dinner.Dishes are the same way, if you do them all the time, they consume your day.

  2. I never make our bed. The door to our room is closed always, unless it's bedtime. I don't even make it for company because our room is never clean enough to have the door open!

    Celina - totally agree. I do cleanup time at naps and bedtime.

    I can take back over the bulletin & newsletters if you're still doing them. Just email me the stuff :)

  3. Thanks Jen. I got it though, it isn't that much work for the bulletin, I just wish people used it instead of asking e why I haven't personally called them to tell them everything that happens with their kids in the whole world.

    The newsletter is a waste of time though, I think I am going to discontinue those permanently.

  4. i actually have a lot more going on than i usually do. life is getting more exciting not less. however, i still feel mundane sometimes in that i can never get to doing the things routinely that i know are so important.

    as Obama's momma would say, this is a year for change. not only for the country and the dudes in guantanamo bay, but for me personally. i am praying that i will make some major changes that i've been so lazy about doing. i have started in the right direction by getting my butt back in school.

  5. Laundry. Laundry. Laundry.