Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mild Sauce

So I have this habit of always needing to be using my hands. Tonight I was talking and playing with a packet of mild sauce from Taco Bell after youth group when the most extraordinary thing happened. I was squeezing the packet and just as I looked down at the table, the packet burst with all the force of a Bolivian sky rocket and nailed me directly in the left eye and somehow all over the side of my face. It was like a miracle. A gallon of sauce came out of a tiny packet and even left some over for my taco. My eye burned like I was bitten by a cobra and my clothes, face, and hair were stained forever. They should put a warning on those packets.


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  1. I'm not gunna lie...I'm kinda disappointed I missed that whole thing.. It really was only a matter of time before that happened.

  2. i say you sue them for physical and emotional damages. then, and only then, will you get the warning on the packet. you may even get a few million in the process.

  3. the fire tacos are pretty good by the way.

  4. So glad I had my tacos with T-Bell sauce before reading this I'm just clumsy enough to reenact this accidentally :). Ouch!

  5. Aah Taco Bell. Maybe there should be a warning on the label - `if squeezed, sauce will be projectiled in your general direction. Please alert your local laundromat!'.