Thursday, January 29, 2009


Seriously, why do some people's breath smell like they drank 2 gallons of milk? I was talking to a guy today who was standing way to close and blowing some sort of Milk/Olive/Pork mixture right into my mouth. See I have the misfortune of having a deviated septum which does not allow me to breath through my nose completely, however will also not allow me to breath through my mouth without letting in some through my nose. So now I feel like I just drank the gallon of Milk/Olive/Pork slurry. Alright that was mean, but halatrocious is one of those things that I cannot deal with. It tries my patience like no other. I had mentioned some of these other things before, things like when people sneeze too many times or those freeway on-ramps that send you turning around in a huge circle for a half hour. I forgot to mention this worst one of all. Also, another thing that is annoying to me goes with this last one. When one is eating a bowl of cereal, one should chew with his mouth closed to prevent the awful noise the slurping and chewing makes at to prevent the milk form actually dripping out of the mouth.

New Grossest thing I have ever thought of alert!!!!!!!!!!
You call this on the chapstick. How it works is: you take your index and middle fingers and clear the sides of your mouth with them. You then approach another person and wipe it across their lips. Then laugh. Do it again. Then laugh.

I know how sick this is I gagged just typing about it, but the thought did pop into my head, so being a transparent guy, I decided to share.


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  1. i'll remember the chapstick thing next time i see you.

    my little dude had some rank breath after his nap. it was seriously like a puppy's breath. you know how long they go between dentist visits. and my baby puked all over me. usually i like the smell of her breath, but it just smelt like nasty bile.

  2. Yup. I am not reading this blog ever again. Now you really crossed the line.