Saturday, January 3, 2009


So my wife thinks I am too old to wear earrings. I have had them since I was 16 years old and now about to turn 31. Me and Gumby pierced them with his mom's good pearl earrings. Geez, 31? What an awful age to speak about. I like them. In fact I am attached to them. But maybe she is right. Maybe I should remove them, maybe I am too old to wear them. I don't feel too old, but who does right? Anyways, I am posting a poll up to your right. I want to hear what you think. Is 31 to old for earrings? Or is Laura acting older than her age?

I will post a video of some ice skating bloopers tomorrow. We thought we had an all-star hockey player in Caeden, but then......


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  1. Laura is acting older than her age! oh man that's funny. ididn't vote for that one Laura but it is funny.

  2. Michael used to wear cool earrings. We accepted a youth pastorate in Marked Tree, AR (population 1,000) in 1995 and they said, "Sure you can wear earrings." We got there, they took us out to lunch, they said, "Listen, you need to take out the earrings or go home." So he took out the earrings. I was happy he was willing to do that for ministry, but pissed they duped us on that. Eight months later we left AR because we were too freaked out to raise our newborn in such a racist community. What if she grew up thinking things like that? Plus it was hard to live on $800 a month. Yeah. Anyway, he never revived the earrings. I liked the earrings. I hate that we sold out!

  3. Personally, I don't like earrings or "yearings" if you are hick. I could never never never wear them. Yes, it may be cuz I'm hick. However, I find nothing wrong with them. I've seen really old people with them. I think it looks stupid if someone has really long hair and earrings. I don't care if people have tatoos either. I just don't want one.

  4. Hey Zombie - thanks for commenting on my SCL post. Glad to make your blog acquaintance.

    I had a couple of earrings I got in college, and I struggled for a while before deciding to take them out. Then my Dad got one, just as I was deciding I was too old for them. So I figure, 16-30 - earring good. 31-50, maybe or maybe not. 51-70 - earrings good again. So even if you get rid of them, you can always look forward to the age when they are definately okay again.

    God bless and happy blogging!

  5. Doesn't Harrison Ford have an earring?!

    First of all, to imagine High on the Hog with an earring is hilarious.

    Second, I'm not taking sides, however, I'll vote sometime in the near future.

  6. you should really consider bringing back the eyebrow ring. now that was cool.

  7. Umm... the first and second choice actually have the same end result. Nice. And I never said they were gross. I just said it was something you may want to start thinking about.

  8. Jason took his out shortly after we got married. They never bothered me...but he wanted to take them out. I think Harrison Ford looks silly with his, so I voted 5 more years, and then they have to go.

  9. George Michaels wore earings....enough said. Laura is right.....get rid of them! haha! Love ya brother!