Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Caeden's Birthday

Today is Caeden's birthday. Hard to believe it has been 6 years since he slept on my chest. That would look ridiculous now, can you imagine like an 18 year old sleeping on your chest? It got me to thinking about how all of my friend's birthday's ruled growing up. Don't get me wrong, I had birthdays too, just not the parties and joy and all that. Joking mom, if you are reading. My friend Andy had the best ones. We would go to Chucky Cheese or Showbiz and rule in the ball pit, holding fools under as they screamed. We would arm wrestle that mechanical arm and I would always blame my loss on a sore back from killing Bruce Lee or something. Andy believed me when I said that by the way...always. Some years we would go there, others we would go to Skateland for his party. His birthday was the highlight of my year. He had movie star birthdays.

I wonder what your favorite birthday was and why.

Mine was last year, my 30th which should have been my worst being I got old and all that but it was my favorite. The wife through me a huge party and we sang Karaoke and my friend Joe went up and destroyed Self-Esteem by The Offspring. Only a real friend will do that for you


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  1. how is it that you can use the "killing Bruce Lee" excuse more than once?

  2. My fave was my 6th birthday. I can't remember ever having a birthday party. On my 6th, though, my dad was on leave from the Navy. He came and picked up me and my brothers. He rented a motel's pool for us, which was cool because we never could go swimming in a public place because our family's religious beliefs prohibited boys swimming with girls unless immediate family. Then he took me to the toy store and bought me the coolest Tonka truck. It was for Barbies and it was pink. He died the next year. That Tonka truck survived my house burning down at Christmas time when I was ten, and my girls play with it. I love that truck.

  3. On my 16th birthday I decided to skip the shower, stay in sweatpants all day and hit up Sam's Club with my dad. My mom kept bugging me about taking a shower and getting ready, because I always did. Turns out, she threw a huge surprise birthday party with all of my friends there, and of course the birthday girl, greasy hair and all. It actually turned out to be one of the best, though.

  4. Definately my tenth. I had my party at the "New and Amazing Fifties McDonalds" on Telegraph Rd.

    Oh my friends and I thought it was so cool!

    My kids always have home parties, and they only get large parties every three years. When you have four kids, you have to set limits somewhere. Otherwise, I would do nothing but plan parties.

  5. the best party was the one you and bryson put on for me!!!! you know the surprise party!!! what a good time that was!!! its a good thing i wasn't suicidal...(lol)

  6. I can't really remember a specific birthday party. But, every year I anticipate that phone call from my grandmother(I will write in all caps because she talks really loud on the phone and with a southern accent) TOMMY, WHAT KINDA CAKE DO YA WANT FUR YUR BIRTHDAY!

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAEDEN!!!! I LOVE YOU LITTLE MAN! The best birthdays I can remember involved you, Adam. My favorite part about a birthday in those days was that I was allowed to have a huge sleepover, which meant you could stay at my house for the weekend. This also meant you could take vengeance on the neighborhood bully's that would pick on me. I remember one poor soul who got his arm twisted into a knot for giving me grief. Then shortly after.....you would drop an elbow on me or something. Haha! jk.....well, not really a joke. I tried to give fair warning that my big brother was coming over, but it took awhile for them to learn. The nights would usually end with us plotting the most amazing pranks on neighborhood kids or Susan and Jamie. One thing was certain.....when we were hanging out, there was always adventure. I cant tell you enough....you are my brother, my best friend, and you made my birthdays the best. I am sure you and Laura will do the same for Caeden on his birthday! Love you guys!