Friday, December 19, 2008


Crap we got a lot of snow last night. It is nice though, but someone should tell Al Gore that the earth is not as warm as he thinks it is. I think the latest global warming forecast showed there would be a huge decrease in snow and an increase in rain this year. He should have to come and shovel for us, that would be an inconvenient truth right there. Then he could deal with shoveling out your driveway, then 5 minutes later the plow pushes the streets snow right back in.

In other news: Isn't this the scariest toy ever? Found this in the cushions of the couch.

Christmas is almost here, I am excited. Got my hopes up for a Christmas Miracle.


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  1. That toy is out of control.

  2. "He should have to come and shovel for us, that would be an inconvenient truth right there."


  3. Agree with the global warming stuff man, it is five days to Christmas and today, in summer in Australia, it will be 21 degrees, usually it should be at least 30. I don't mind so much because cooler is better when you want to get decent sleep.

  4. I almost couldn't read the blog because my eyes were so drawn to that scary thing.

    The snow was up to L's crotch. He got so frustrated he just wanted to stay in.

  5. that's are nobel peace prize winner for you. that was a dandy of a forecast.

    indeed, that is one of the scariest toys ever. i'm glad i don't sleep on your couch.

  6. Man and I thought smurfs were the only messed up weird little blue things out there

  7. that doll is proof that evil can posess an object!

  8. adam you should write a book... i would totally buy it.
    you have talent in writing son.