Sunday, December 7, 2008


Thinking about the post of my lovely wife, I feel I should explain. I am not very good at speaking to rich people. Never have been. I don't know what to talk about and I have spent so little time around them. I used to work at a country club parking cars and they used to shout and snap their fingers at me to hurry. So I keyed one of their Mercedes' and stole some weed he had hidden in the glove box. I was not asked back to work there again. I went to a friends grad party in which people parked on the lawn at their huge compound. I drove over the wrong grass and went fast, possibly went off road and did a doughnut and wound up getting chased down by the cops and his father and received a citation, a well deserved one.

Well Friday night I was determined to try harder because I have been guilty of not saying much and making me look like a jerk, so I tried to relate. I made the observation about the UM engineering dept. and the Bermuda triangle after the doc. had mentioned attending that school and dept. It was not a good segway due to the fact that the Bermuda Triangle was involved. Well, Laura had no idea that I really did see it on Myth Busters. I left that out because I didn't want to sound too peasanty, like "I saw that on Myth Busters right after Dukes of Hazard and right before Cops and Cheaters" "It was a good one". Laura said that, not so under her breath comment with no knowledge that it was true, and it being in fact true, I could not deny it. The night went pretty par for what happened here, me bumbling around eating my foot at every turn. I vowed to for now on just try not to embarrass her.

I spoke with a friend about it and his advice was to just ask questions. Avoid talking about myself and let them talk about themselves, because they like to do that anyways. I will try this technique next time, hit me up with more suggestions on how to speak with those that are rich.


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  1. I find that if you let them talk enough, they will insert their own foot in their mouth soon enough.

    The truth is that while they have worldly wealth, most of them lack true riches. I know that sounds churchy, but it isnt meant to. I find that if I veiw them through a "God lens", they seem less scary and more human. The fragile state of a soul that is lost cant seem too intimidating to a person who has the Holy Spirit of the Creator indwelling in them. Use the conversation to show them the light from within. Be the best listener they have ever met, and they will want to understand how you can be happy and humble all at the same time.

    Happy poor people puzzle the rich, they just dont understand us. So it is our job to show them where true contentment lies.

    I grew up figure skating at the Detroit Skating Club in Bloomfield Hills. I however, lived in Taylor. What I had in talent, my parents lacked in money. I was the Oliver Twist of the skating world. My poor parents were so different than everyone else, yet I watched them stand up and hold there own in rooms full of CEO's and Housewives (while my mom stocked diapers at Meijer). People knew we were different, but they accepted us anyway....because we were not trying to one up them, because all we could do was listen to them. My parents hated being there, but they loved me and they did it to make me happy. I know your wife appreciates the effort too.

    Take care...Celina

  2. Oh my goodness, I love this post!! I remember that day out at the grad party like it was yesterday!! Miss those days!! ~Megan

  3. Oh gosh. I can totally see Michael and I having that happen at a party! Michael and I are both awkward in social situations. We somehow allow people with money or brilliant professions to condescend us and make us feel like goobs. Fortunately, we always seem to attract talkers. People who L*O*V*E to talk about themselves. So it makes it pretty easy on us. We just ask questions and people LOVE that.

  4. Hey science is science pal! So what if the information was gleaned from a college professor or the edutainment of the MythBusters?

    Although not so much science going on in a Dukes of Hazard episode. In fact it is just the opposite, I mean how can the General Lee drop from that height and still drive away? I can see I have already put too much thought into this so...

    Anyway rich people are just like us they just don't know it :)

  5. As you know, I have very little trouble talking to anyone. LOL! But..., rich people are hard. I get a lot of them in the weekend class I teach. Luckily, I'm the teacher, so they have to be nice when I boldly tell them that being rich isn't all that. Don't get me wrong.. as you also know, I like money too much sometimes too. I really do agree with the other people. Just ask a lot of questions. All people love to talk about theirselves, but rich people like it more. Just don't give details about your life. They are trained in the "rich culture" of talking about nothing and never giving real details about real life. They may not even know what to say anyway if you ask a real question.

  6. tell yourself....they may not be rich at all, and even if they are sometimes money turns out to be a burden so I'll just be kind. We were just talking about this, I read--if you want to know what God thinks about money, just look at who He gives it to. Be who you is. .

  7. dude, doctors are just like anyone else. some are super arrogant and/or intelligent. some are not. some have hobbies and a life outside of work(though not many) and some don't. anyway, the point is, to just talk to them as you would anyone else. you wouldn't believe the conversations doctors have with coworkers. they really are no different. besides, your freaking funny.

  8. You don't seem to have any problems relating to us ... and we are loaded.

    Just depends on what defines loads ... money or diapers