Thursday, December 25, 2008

Oh Thank You Christmas Miracle Beard

Just when all seemed lost with the Miracle Beard, Jesus went and revived my faith in it again. I see the Beard as like the same as fasting. When you need something or are in dire need for God, you starve, maybe here you grow. Anyways, read this miracle that you can attribute to God first, then to the Beard.

A Christmas miracle: woman found alive after three days buried in a snowdrift
• Rescue dog picks up scent and gloveless hand in field
• Blanket of insulating snow kept her alive in -15C cold

Ridiculously awesome!


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  1. if she had a beard, she could have miraculously lived for, at last, 3 more days.

  2. Thanks for sharing that story. Pretty sweet.

  3. Actually if she had a miracle beard .. she would have never been in that snow drift because she would have joined the circus and instead would have been swinging from said beard in some snazzy leotard.

  4. wow. amazing story.