Monday, December 15, 2008

Lawn Jockeys and Mall Santas

For The Rockstar, here is my photo after he so generously tagged me. Notice my enthusiasm. I like my photographs taken. Just as long as I have had proper time to manufacture what I want it to look like. I usually send Laura pictures of me mixed in with some kids photos to her work. She will get her co-workers to gather around to see the pics, then bam, there is Zombie wearing just a guitar. Or shizam, Zombie just appeared in 80's running shorts and a Jack Tripper tank top with a mustache. So I don't totally dig the candid thing, but this is for Rockstar, so I did it.

So this weekend was interesting. We did a lot of Christmas stuff for the kids and came across some pretty funny memories. I will tell the story with pictures. We took the kids to see Santa at this cool little place about an hour from our house with Laura's brother and his family. The place was really cool, lights everywhere, things you remember from your childhood Christmas'. The kids saw Santa and got their pictures taken. We had a really nice night. But as we left, something caught my eye. This place we went to was a Christian place a little bit out of town in a series of large barns. Well, when we left, my son pointed out this little gem.

What year is it? Are we living in the 50's, the 30's? How could you not know that a black lawn jockey is racist? So Caeden took the picture next to his lovely little discovery so you would believe me that this really was there. The place overall was very nice, we will go back in the fall for the cider mill, but maybe leave a little comment in the comment box about the lawn jockey.

So the next day, Laura takes the kids to this thing for her work at the mall. It was for kids with Santa was there to read stories and meet the kids. Laura went alone and I guess it was a bad day for her to go alone because both kids were monsters. Observe the photo below.

I have never seen a Santa so pissed as to flee from a child before. Look at the very cute, but sinister look she has on her face as he flees at full speed. I swear to you that little girl is going to be my demise.

We went to some friends house for a Christmas movie marathon, then we went out that night with some friends that are home from school and had some fun, then spent Sunday after church sitting around all day. It was a good weekend, but still, we have bought only one small thing on our Christmas shopping list.


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  1. Man,

    I can not believe your kids scared off Santa ... definitely looks like he is running scared.

    On a separate note, all candid photos must now be taken on a leather couch. We look so much cooler that way

  2. I laughed at the picture of her running from Santee! LOL. Your kids make me laugh. I also enjoy the pic of Caeden and his friend.

  3. weren't pissed at me for tagging your facebook photo were you? i hope not. if you were, i'm sorry.

  4. I crapped my pants laughing at the Facebook pic

  5. i 'bout fell out of my chair when i got to Caeden with the lawn jockey. truly one of the funniest things i've seen in a long time. way to go little man. the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

  6. ok good...sometimes my brain and fingers type before i think about who is victimized. at any rate, i wonder if the place you visited forgot to take down their MLK decorations? good blog...

  7. when we went to the Christmas barn I was too busy looking at the barn and the lawn ornament didn't register with me. We talked to the owner and he was the nicest, we should ask him about it next time we visit, I can't think that they meant it in a bad way, some people just look at it as Folk Art but if it offends anyone it needs to go, I bet he will agree.