Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Typical Embittered Post Election Day Rant

The election didn't go the way I wanted and prayed it would. So what? It is common right now for people who are happy with the outcome to be happy and ask for the country to unite together. And it is common for those who were not happy with the outcome to make a choice to trust in God that everything is going to be OK for America. I want to unite with the other side, but I won't agree with abortion. Ever.

I am hopeful and full of faith that God will always take care of His people. I believe that and would go to the grave for that, however did God ever say America was going to be OK? When Israel acted rebelliously, did God look past and prosper the nation? No, there was considerable punishment. The kind that forced parents to eat their own children. I would say that the eating of children is not too far off from what our future administration seems to want to legislate. I have hope in what God will do ultimately in His people and in that sense I am at peace. However, if He does not put His hand into the situation (Which He does not always do) this nation will see new types of brutality on the unborn. Embryos fertilized and then "harvested" for the sake of a science that they have never proven any benefit from (That being that the stem cells from the unborn being any more useful than those of an adult). Failed abortion abortions, partial birth abortions. I do think that God has called us to freak out over loss of life, especially the lives of children. Or maybe the abortionist Christians think that they are interpreting the scriptures right that when Jesus says, "Let the little children come to me" He meant directly, before life has ever begun. Don't get me wrong, I believe those Christians that voted for Obama love God just as much as those that didn't, but I just don't get it. When did the economy become more important than human life? So today I will be one of the "Angry bloggers out there, who are bitter and ready to throw up their fists at society."

On the positive side, the throwing up the fists thing is a great way to raise awareness about abortion. I am going to work harder, and speak louder. Because this administration will be working harder to further "Abortion rights" as if we ever had the right to kill someone. Change is here, but I am not sure it is the change we need, maybe the change we think we want, but probably not the change we need.

God has this in control, I know that well. However, that does not always mean that He will hold back disaster, or that He will not bring down the gavel of judgment on a idolatrous and rebellious nation.

But as for me, and my house, we will serve the Lord.

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  1. Pro-lifers

    We are not going away. We just became stronger.

    "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do."

    Fr. Pavone speaks for me. Here are a few statements from his letter.

    A Grave Mistake and an Abiding Hope

    Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director, Priests for Life

    “The pro-life movement has made significant gains in the courts and in the law in these last eight years. For the next four, the movement will work to prevent the erosion of that progress.”

    ” The vast majority of Americans are pro-life. They will fight abortion on the local level, opening pregnancy centers and closing abortion mills, activating their Churches and educating their children, proclaiming the message in the media and demonstrating in the streets. The pro-life movement is winning this battle in the hearts and minds of the American people, as opinion polls show and as the shrinking number of abortion mills and abortion providers prove.”

    “The efforts that were made, and the sacrifices endured in this election season made a difference, and we will build on that difference to see another day when the work and the ballots of pro-life people will dismantle the Culture of Death. We will keep marching toward that pro-life America we seek, and won’t stop until we get there.”

  2. in these groups i work with we always tell parent's (when struggling through divorce) you don't have to agree, you just have to work together. you work on the things you can, you pray for both - the things you disagree with or agree with - and you never give up faith or hope. your feelings may not be happy about it, sometimes you just ge tangry or feel crushed, but for them i always say they have to remember that it is their responsiblity to keep their child at the center of their thoughts. keep what matters most at heart and learn to work within the reality of compromise - not compromising morals, just practicalities, seeking the shared pieces - that's sort of like how a mosaic is made, all those fragments picked up and put together to make something else.

    easier said than done i know.

  3. i haven't been able to rid myself of the bitter taste in my mouth after this election either. i've thought about it a lot today. the images of millions of americans partying over obama's victory and jesse jackson crying are still fresh in my mind. i saw progress for the cause of life the past 8 years and now i fear that it will be more than undone.

    i also see a hefty tax increase in the not too distant future but that is beside the point i guess. i would gladly pay the higher taxes if the administration was going to work on preservation of life.

  4. I have been sick all day. Literally sick. I am angry. I am crying out on behalf of the unborn. My heart is so heavy.

    Thank you for reminding me we need to FIGHT now more than ever. I needed to read this because today I was thinking of moving to another country.

  5. Blarney. I heard Scotland has made abortion illegal. Maybe if we all ban together and start wearing kilts. Sorry, humor is the only way I can get through the day without having less malicious thoughts.

  6. I feel you on this post. I felt as if I was going to vomit over the thought that he was going to win. Oh I forgot to capitalize "he". LOL! I just can't believe that Americans are obsessed with money to the point that they would choose him. Ouch!

  7. i am right there with you. it's not about race, it's about what he stands for and how people are worshipping him. he gives me the creeps.