Thursday, November 6, 2008

Time For The Apologies

My tantrum is over now. Whatever. Here are the positives about Barack Obama:
1. I like that he is African American. I think it speaks volumes about the racial state of our country, it is not as bad as it sometimes seems, and it is a huge advancement in the stereotype that racist whites have against black people, being he is a successful, intelligent, and powerful minority. 2. I like that he did not come from a super rich, elitist family that has no real idea what it means to be a real live average human living in tough times. 3. He has an incredible PR team. (Ok the last one was a bit backhanded)

Death count in Zombies tirade:
2 crusty old women who took too long to put their change away after they finished their transaction at the bank drive-thru.
1 Horse who gave me the stink eye
17 Canadian mounties, one of whom were riding the horse that gave me the stink-eye.
1 sheep
2 goats
1,000 cats, just because.

To all the of the families of those I harm. I AM SORRY.

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  1. good things about barack obama ... hmm...

    he's articulate...
    he will get us out of Iraq...

    this is tough...
    he is black, that's a good one.

  2. It is ok to be upset this is a big deal and most people either voted him in because he is African American or because he is not Bush or anything similar to Bush.

    Very upsetting. Forgive them Lord for they know not what they have done.

    PS. The horse that gave you the stink eye had it coming so don't sweat that one.

  3. i like the part about him being black. i like black people. i also like black t-shirts and black flag.

  4. Only 1,000 cats? You could do better....

  5. taking out Canadians ... and their horses ... you did go a little out of control, didn't you?

  6. Adam! Please.... He was brung up by a White grandmother. His personal culture is certainly influenced by white-America. He has African roots one generation ago. He can talk, but we are still not sure what he is going to do. His color has NOTHING to do with the fact that he does not support the life of babies AFTER they are borned. All I can say is that he is as shallow as a muddy puddle, but he has convinced 52% of voting Americans that he is able to cure the problems in America. He is not the Savior. He approves of killing babies.

  7. I didn't say he was the savior of anything, but you have to look for the good in any situation. He is not the devil or the anti-Christ. He is a human worthy of dignity and love, just like any other. I hate his views on abortion with every nerve in my body, but cannot and will not allow myself to hate a person. Just because there was a white person active in raising him, takes nothing away from his accomplishments of getting to where he is now. Your preaching to the choir, I didn't vote for him, but surely, you have to concede some positive in any person.

  8. Hello my best friend and brother. Here are some things about this election that may make you feel better about the results. I would like to preface these comments with the fact that I am an independent, and chose not to vote. A race without Ron Paul, is a race I will not participate in. I do not favor one candidate over the other, so I feel I can be a bit objective. I am "pro life". Barack Obama is Christian, or at least he claims to be. John McCain is Christian, or at least he claims to be. Both candidates claim that abortion is a terrible wrong thing. John McCain's party or platform believes in the pro life thing. Barack' choice. John McCain nearly became a democrat (vice president or Sec of Defense for Kerry) in the 2004 election. He was willing to switch parties, and be a part of a party that is pro choice. Obviously he doesn't feel too strongly about the abortion issue. He does feel strongly about being in a war, where lots of people who are already born are dying and killing. hmmmm. Necessary war? Maybe. The most important world conflict to take care of......doubtful. War at all......not sure Jesus would have partook in one. Everyone has a different opinion about these things. Another thing to mention....John McCain cannot rid the U.S. of abortion....Neither can Barack Obama. This is not up to the president. This law was set by a Supreme Court decision (A Republican Majority Supreme Court I may add). Of the only two dissenters in the was a democrat! Technically, this was a Republican ruling. This is why I think we must vote for the candidate that has the actual power to do the most good. I don't think we got a bad deal with Barack Obama. McCain would have been good as well...I admire him very much. However, I am with you Adam.....the situation is what it is. Let us make the best of what we are dealt.

  9. I like cats. Sorry.