Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Prescription Ink Pens

I am looking at an ink pen and remembering how badly it hurt to write things down by hand. I used to write with my hands into journals. I like typing better, only when are drug companies going to start giving out free keyboards with their logo on them? My wife works with doctors everyday, rich ones that drive BMW's and think they can get younger, prettier girls than they usually would be able to. Well, she comes home with all of these ink pens with different drugs on them. In fact I think it is impossible to find a pen without a drug on it. So I want to jot down a phone message, I get a constant reminder from Viagra of what I have to look forward to. Well probably not me. But I don't like looking at it anyways, especially since so many of the drugs are bad for you to take in the first place. I was on a heart medication, that's main side effect was stroke. Now why would I want choose a stroke over a heart attack? Both suck equally. I saw a medication for a stomach ache and it's main side effect was brown, oil, anal discharge. I will take the stomach ache thank you very much. If I had to look at these poor quality pens while writing down things that are lengthy, I don't think I would keep a record of "Feelings" anymore. I would simply be less sensitive, more of the guy you can't quite read, so avoid. That guy sucks, but it would be better than the pain my hand feels when writing things down.

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  1. I was just going to post a comment about the Viagra pen I had once. But decided against it since it would "tempt" you with a certain phrase...

    Just lookin' out for you :)

  2. I voted for bomb Canada as well.

    They have socialized medicine ... everyone gets Viagra ... only just a small portion each.

    Their flags stand at half mast