Friday, November 21, 2008


Who am I?

Am I a Christian?
Am I an athlete?
Am I a father?
A Husband?
A friend?
An employee?
A son?
A brother?
A philanthropist?

I think the legacy we leave behind is the purpose of our existence. It is the way, we glorify God while we are here. There is a quote from a Dirt song that says "The rest is the mess you leave as you pass through." True. I think we all would love to make up our legacy filled with noble causes and devotion to that which is important to us, such as Christ for me. But am not as sure that our eulogies would say the same. Not sure I would love mine.

The issue I have with priorities is that our actual lives seldom match the priorities we have decided to be. A Christian, A family man, a friend. If I take some time and write down all I do, I do not think it often matches those priorities. Especially when I give God the not so lucid minutes of the day as I fall alseep in prayer. Am I putting God first in all things? No. Am I putting the family second? No. Friends third? Sometimes, but to often, no. It takes practice to live your priorities, to be sure that what you have done here is more than just the mess you leave. More than your negative impact on the world. I want people so say about me what I am about to say about a grandmother tomorrow at her burial. That I loved God more than anything in this world. That Heaven would not be Heaven without Jesus, and life is not worth it without him.


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  1. To your label: that's called withdrawl :)

  2. I often wonder why my priorities are so noble, yet unattainable by said Rockstar. Does life really get in the way, or do I let it get in the way? I do not want a "what he could have been" eulogy

  3. i often think about the same things. i move at a freaking snails pace to get where i think God wants me to be. i feel as though he is pushing me in a direction while my feet are unwilling to move.

  4. I wonder too what my life is REALLY about. I know what I say it is about. I know what I want it to be about, but is it really all of that? Sometimes I think I am just fooling myself. We can't fool God though.