Monday, November 24, 2008

Burial Cake

Anyone ever heard of burial cake? I performed a burial service for a close friend Saturday and after the service at the reception, they had cake. I have heard of wedding cake, birthday cake, graduation cake, and retirement cake, but burial cake is a new one for me. I guess it is because the women who was buried was deeply in love with Jesus and everyone knew she really was happier now, so it was a celebration. For whatever reason, I like the idea of burial cake. So here is a short list of suggestions on how to expand this cake tradition.

Divorce Cake- Chocolate cake, with chocolate frosting filled with radishes in the filling.

Grizzly Bear Cake- For those who have become grizzly bears through their hard work. This one is made of meat and frosting. With a touch of an angels feather.

Constipation Cake- Filled with castor oil and topped with the Olestra stuff they put in the light potato chips.

Menopause Cake- Made purely from hormone supplements, hairnets, and Omega 3 fish oil (For the joints)

Last Place Cake- This one is sweeter than the rest (For added consolation) and filled with the blood of every person that did better.


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  1. Ill be expecting a Grizzly Bear cake over break.

  2. i like the constipation cake but, Lord knows, i don't need one of those.
    i think coffee would be a useful addition to this constipation cake.

    i gotta go play patty cake with the wife. it's been too long.

  3. Funniest. Thing. Ever.

  4. How about Foot-in-mouth cake filled with shoes, gag balls, and odor eaters for when we say something terribly wrong.

    Your blog is the poster blog for fudgie the whale cakes from carvel.

    Cat cake - filled with hairballs, fleas, and a rockin' good time.

    I have 20 other cakes in my head

  5. Thanksgiving Cake

    I do not know what is in there, but it has at least 14,000 calories and makes me fall asleep instantaneously ...

    I think I am going to bookmark this post and add to it as life hits me

  6. Are you baking?

    Because I would like to put in a request for a "I landed in Diarrhea " cake. (see my blog for details)