Friday, October 17, 2008

What We Protest

I went last Sunday to one of the 40 Days of prayer locations to sit and pray for the end of abortion. I have been milling around the internet and gotten some emails regarding Planned Parenthood's response to the 40 Days of Purpose campaign which is a peaceful campaign to pray for the end of abortion together across the country for 40 straight days. Nothing harmful, nothing violent, nothing shouted, just prayer. I have been reading the response to this campaign and I think some of the comments by those that are offended by this peaceful protest need a little bit of answering. There seems to be this opinion that people who protest abortion are protesting woman's rights. This isn't true at all. There is no desire for women to have their rights taken from them or subdued. The protest is against abortion alone. Not the people, the act of abortion. If there are some that are harsh and unloving, shame on them, but do not get confused with the purpose.

There are many who are going out and protesting the protesters to stick it to them so to speak. There is a distinct difference here in the protest. Those protesting abortion are protesting something that is currently allowed by law and it their freedom to voice their anger and disagreement with the government and it's atrocities, just like it is the American's right to protest the war or disagree with it. The difference here is that in protesting the protesters, you are protesting the right for people to speak out and disagree. Abortion is legal, so you are not protesting the government who made it legal, you are protesting the people's right to speech. So many comments, which only the ones that agreed with them were allowed to be posted, referred to the intolerance of Christians of a woman's right to choose. But isn't more intolerance to protest a person's right to disagree? And to voice that disagreement in a peaceful way? Agree with abortion or not, if you are an American, you have the right to hate or condone abortion. And you have the right to gather together and protest. The coin has two sides.

It is also important to note that those that hate abortion, do so because they believe. I believe it is murder. We don't believe it is any person's right to choose whether a person lives or dies. I personally do not believe in the death penalty, or agree that war is the best answer, so understand that I believe life is precious for all people. If the heart is beating, he or she is alive. There is no real argument to that. If your heart is beating, you are living. If it stops, you die immediately. So to stick tools into the growing baby and take it's life is ending that child's possibility of life and a future on earth. Pro-life supporters are passionate about ending death in children, not about trying to push women down. Once again for those that are trying to push women down, or do so in the process, stop it now, do not judge others, and protest in peace.

Never, ever, ever protest a person. Ever.


  1. bob dutko was saying today that a 72 year old woman was beat up and left on the concrete in front of one of these abortion clinics. the lady that beat her up was i guess the mother of one of the two girls that she successfully persuaded to not go through with an abortion the day before. the bully got a ticket for a misdemeanor offense.

  2. Big topic. Hard to explain, but you have done it here so well. People ask me how I am going to vote and I always tell them for which ever candidate will end the war that is killing all the children, not that I believe any candidate has sole power to do this, but you get the point.

    Most people would think you are speaking of Iraq .... not even close to the amount of children dying right here in the good ole USA.

    Hate the deed, love the people. It is what our Savior would have done.

  3. this is such a tough topic...although I couldn't do it...I've answered this question as " I'm prolife for me, and prochoice for everyone else." I've just come to a point whereas I dont believe I could personally understand what it would be like to be raped or on drugs simultaneously bearing a child. I tend to believe in the free will that God gives us, I've been informed and I believe as well it is taking someone's life.
    I wish that people felt just as strong about the death penalty and sending soldiers off to war or the torture camps they have there...

  4. Perfectly written. I could not agree more and your label is beautiful.