Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Healer

God has been quite a healer in my family for the last couple of days. Laura has been going through some pain that the doctors have not been able to diagnose. Over the past week, she had lost the ability to speak due to the pain, until yesterday, when God provided us a doctor who gave her some meds that seem to instantly reduce the swelling and pain. Nice. I have been struggling with my asthma for the past week and lately I haven't been able to sleep because I can't breathe. I went to the doctor, which is extremely rare for me and I was given some different meds, and I am now breathing much better. I take for granted the healer that God is. In my head because I haven't opened my eyes to see a miracle lately, I have lost a little faith in the desire to heal from God. So many in my life have died, yet I forget the people that have been healed, including myself and my mother in law twice from cancer. God is a healer and has the desire to heal everyone, but this for whatever reason does not happen. Lately I have been more open to the fact that we owe God the apology when those we love die. Not because we caused it, but because of the sin that is in the world. We were created not to die, but to be healthy and full of life. It was sin that ruined that. So it is reasonable to believe that God is deeply hurt when we die. Just like when Lazarus died. Jesus knew he was going to heal him, yet he wept. I think he wept because Lazarus was never intended to die. God hates death more than any other. He is our Father, and when we die, He hurts like He lost his son or daughter.
So many ask this question about God: "If there is a God, why all of the death?" In the Francis Chan book I cited yesterday, he says that He could just as easily ask us the same question. Why all the death. It isn't God that desires death, but it is a fact of life and death in a fallen world. And it won't change until Jesus restores everything. However, we still have a healer God who desires and often performs miracles for us and He probably hates it when we look right past them to the negative. It is like when we receive a gift from someone and look at it as the giver smiles and delights in our opening it. When we look at that gift, then throw it to the side in disappointment looking for something better. He probably hates that because we are missing out on something beautiful and perfect and denying Him the glory and joy of your happiness.
We must remember that God wants to heal. Prayer is not pointless, it is powerful. And we should place our focus on the gifts He has given us every day. Like when I drop my son off at school and as he walks up the path to the door (which still makes me want to cry) he turns around and says, "I love you daddy." What a gift! What a life. Yet I catch myself focusing on the negative, when there is so much positive, so many blessings, so many healings.

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  1. I like your label. It's cute :-P

  2. Msn, you sure can't handle me getting all the attention you had to go get yourself a medical issue this week.
    Kidding aside I'm so grateful we are both feeling better.

  3. Thanks for the reminder! You are right on...So many times we dis God's cool gifts. I know I overlook the little ones!

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  5. Captchas are the word verification for comments. They can be turn off in the settings area under comments. And no I cannot replace you in that his name is not Pat.

  6. Glad you both are getting better.

    I really needed to read this as I have struggled greatly lately with some unanswered prayers.