Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Grizzly Bear

Laura tells me tonight, well technically last night. "Honey, you don't need two tomato based meals a day." I was inquiring about going to Wendy's at about 10 PM to get a chili after eating spaghetti for dinner. I looked at her and realized just how much Grizzly Bear has been taken out of me. Maybe not by her, maybe I am out of practice, but I am slipping. So tonight, I am going for a run, then I am going to chop down a tree with my bare hand. I then will shred a beer can with my teeth, and dump it' contents over my head. Then I will sit down right next to Laura and eat 3 more tomato based products right in front of her without regard for her feelings on the matter. I will instantly grow more hair on my chest, and I am now beginning the miracle beard for Christmas. The Grizzly returns.

By the way, I just posted a SCRIPT I wrote for a short film. It's rough, but I like the concept.


  1. does this mean your growing a beard again. i'm so jealous. i can't even grow a freaking mustache.

  2. Should I be afraid?

  3. This blog entry is so awesome cuz it is so you. I laughed the whole time I read it.