Tuesday, September 9, 2008

To Be Awakened By Rain, But Finally Awakened

The other day, I stepped outside at about 11 PM to sit on the swing and listen to some music because it was so nice outside. Well, I fell asleep and was awakened at 6 AM by the rain smashing bricks on my face. I had somehow laid down on the swing and was crunched up in some origami looking shapes. My neck still hurts, but I don't regret it. Sometimes it is good to sleep under the stars. I wish I did it more. You wake up scared and disoriented, but it makes you appreciate the warmth of coming back inside where you belong. I think that is what God does with us. I think He lets us make mistakes, some very bad ones even because it is beneficial to step outside of where it is warm to experience the fear of being out in the cold. God doesn't cause our sin, but He does allow it and I think He works in spite of it maybe even using it to reach us. God is good. If I know nothing else, I know that. Sometimes we just have it coming though, and we have to see a little of life behind bars to remember the joy of Christ's love.


  1. great label. sorry I missed you at the st.linus festival - saw your lovely family.

  2. Great post... so true. Nice label.