Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Time Machine

I have seasonal music. Not just Christmas music, I have that too, but music that I typically only listen to during that particular season. It is music that puts me in a different state of mind, like when you walk into an elementary school and smell the pencil shavings and crayons, it puts you back into 1st grade eating paste and picking your nose. Or I walk into an old church and smell the carpet and pews and I am instantly back in a crusty old lady made teddy bear costume performing an annual Christmas play expected to make mistakes so everyone can laugh and say how cute I was. And I was cute. I like that feeling. It makes the sad days better, like now. The
following are just a couple of my Fall seasonal listenings and watchings. Post yours in the comment section.

Tori Amos
Cat Power
Counting Crows (I have to admit, I listen to this one year round)
The Cranberries
Johann Johannson
Ryan Adams
Denison Witmer
Elliott Smith

Great Expectations (I know the book is better, I just like the movie)
The Electric Grandmother (One of the few that make me cry)
The Halloween That Almost Wasn't
The Myth Of Fingerprints
Harold & Maude
Vanilla Sky
All 80's Horror Movies


  1. Hmmm, don't have `seasonal stuff' aside from wanting to watch It's A Wonderful Life around Christmas time.
    But here a few fallbacks I have when I feel the need for a lift...

    Movies/TV: episodes of Friends and The Simpsons, Dumb And Dumber, Reign Over Me.
    Music: anything by Mariah Carey, particularly `Hero' and `Through The Rain', a song called `Lift' by Shannon Noll (Aussie singer, very good), Crash And Burn by Savage Garden, Losing My Religion by REM, and the best of them all....`Everything' by Lifehouse.

  2. did u know there is a secret second radiohead cd? I just found out last week...

  3. I love how certain smells can bring back memories. Everytime I smell fresh spring air, I think of cutting school with Jaime...the windows rolled down... driving as fast we we could out of the school parking lot hoping no one would notice. GREAT TIMES.

  4. dwight shrute, now there is a costume I want to see.