Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Endorsement Goes To...

Sarah Palin for president!

If you haven't seen Sarah Palin's speech from the RNC, you should watch it. It was pretty inspiring. It gave me a reason to vote this year in an election that has brought me no excitement at all. She may not have been in politics for long, but look at what she has done while in politics. She sold the government jet on ebay. She got rid of the personal chef, and she did away with the limo. Alaska may not have the population off New York, but it runs with the same government that she has somehow reformed in Alsaka. I like her. One of my friends are going to vote for her just because she is easy on the eyes, so maybe there is hope for the Republicans after all.


  1. I have to be honest ... I am voting Republican because of her action figure. I tossed it up on my weak narcissistic blog the other day. I thought she would be in trouble debating Biden, but I watched her punch John Gibson in the face tonight ... so I guess she can hold her own!

  2. I'm sorry ... did I say John Gibson? I meant Charlie Gibson. I keep getting those Gibson brothers mixed up!

  3. She is for real dude. She isn't ashamed of God or guns like Berry Hussein Obama. LOL! LORD help us if THE ONE is elected by those who believe the mass media.