Monday, September 15, 2008

I Believe In You

I was at church yesterday having a particularly hard time paying attention because of an exam I have been studying for for DAYS. Anyway, I got consciousness back for long enough to really get what the pastor was saying. He was telling us that we have no right to give up on people, or to entertain the notion that we know what God is going to or not going to do. That hit home with me, because I have realized that there are people in my life that I had kinda of given up on making a decision for Christ and choosing to live constructively. I had allowed my lack of success in reaching some people to make me give up, when I reality, it was never me, we are relying on God to change people. Which gives me no right to give up on anyone, so I will not. One of these people is my best friend who I have spent years trying to model Jesus to. I realize I have failed horribly so many times, and I continue to pray for him. But I have noticed that I do not carry the same faith in the actions of God that I used to. I used to believe that God had me in this person's life for a purpose and somewhere along the line I forgot that and need to remember it again. Nothing is an accident, if anyone should know that it is me. So I will believe again. I will look at those who I have doubted and believe in them and believe that God has something for them and is using me to help them reach that destination.


  1. i struggle with this too. there is one person in particular in my life that sometimes i'm convinced God has already given over to a permanently reprobate mind (which the Bible does speak about in Romans). my years of prayers, discussion and trying to live as an example (though i have failed miserably in all those areas numerous times) seem to be in vain.

    but whenever i start to feel myself giving up on him through desperate frustration, God reminds me that i cannot see what He is doing always. so while on one hand, his heart may never be changed and that is a real possibility, on the other hand, i know not what my Father is doing in secret. and i cannot judge who is beyond hope.

    as long as they're still breathing, there's always hope.

    thanks for the reminder

  2. thanks for this. I needed to read it as I also have given up on a person in my life.

    Thanks for the vital info in the label. I am now taking notes.