Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Vacation Seen Through A Preview Screen

I have recently considered the impact of the digital age on family vacations. We noticed that the single thing that motivated us most to visit certain vacation spots was the ability to get great pictures. We found ourselves, not focusing so much on the fun and beauty of the places themselves rather trying our best to get the best photo of it as we could, to prove we were there, choosing photographic proof over memory. I notice this with my kids activities too. My son plays baseball, so I take a lot of pictures of him at his games, and it has occurred to me that most of the balls I have seen him hit were seen from a little digital preview screen instead of live in front of me. Anyway, here are some of our memories reduced to millions of numbers making a photograph.

Sometimes I don't even care if anyone alse is in the photo, as long as I am.

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  1. LOL... the last one made me laugh. What a beautiful family you have.

    PS. you have the best playlist around. Little secret.. sometimes I visit your bloggy just to listen to the music.