Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Terrorist Story

I was eating Chinese food at the best Chinese Restaurant in the world, New Peking in Garden City yesterday. At the table they have those Chinese zodiac things as place mats. I was reading mine, which was a Horse and it did a pretty good job at describing who I was, I was the only one that matched, but it did for the most part. At the end of the about the horse part was a list of good jobs for me to have and explorer was one of them and that reminded me that I love exploration. I do not really care about finding new places that no one has been to, I really love going to abandoned and forgotten places. In Detroit almost everywhere is abandoned, so there is a lot for me to explore. You can see some in the Forgotten Michigans link in my link list. A couple years ago I hung up my explorers bag after getting a trespassing ticket for being in the parking lot of an abandoned mental institution. But before I crossed the law, I had been to some really cool, and some scary places. Well this one time I was going with some friends to explore this abandoned hose factory in the middle of the woods and this turned out to be one of the craziest nights ever. It was in Salem, and we had to drive down many small, dirt roads to get there. Well, we came across this house that was in the woods kind of and there was this red light pouring out of the windows, nothing that is at all normal to see. We stopped and glared in for a couple of minutes at the magnificent weirdness of the light. Then we carried on. We ended up driving into the woods on a little road for a few miles. Well we saw the land mark we were supposed to see. It was an abandoned and graffitied school bus and we parked next to it and started to get out. I stood up just outside of the car's drivers seat and looked at the bus and as I did a cars light came on behind us. We had been followed into the woods. I was pulled back into the car by I thought my friend who was behind me in the back seat and we flew out of there and into safety. Turns out, my friend asked me how I got back in the car so fast. She didn't pull me back in and she was the only one behind me. On the way home, we saw this abandoned house next to a cometary that looked menacing, so we pulled into the drive-way. As we did, we smelled this terrible funk and saw a raccoon burst out of one of the windows. We had decided that there was something dead in the house or somewhere close. So we bolted. Well I looked up the place the next day and to my surprise, a dead body had been found there the same morning. Murdered. Also, they had found some terrorist materials and plans and maps in the abandoned hose factory as well. Here is my hypothesis. God gave us the red light. He did so because if we would not have stopped and stared at that light for a few minutes, we would have already been out of the car and into the woods walking toward the factory and unable to escape the terrorists inside. The one that followed us was a lookout for the terrorists who were planning to poison Detroit's water system, which is one of the largest in the country. Maybe I am wrong. I don't think so though, so I called the FBI and reported what had happened and they said they would check it out and that was it. This should be enough to scare me away from urban exploration, but it only fueled me to want to see more. But I will no longer trespass. There is something about being in a place that people used to be long before I was born, doing business, being incarcerated, and functioning and thriving. But now it is all gone and the place is rats now. The architecture is beautiful, every room is haunting. The past is an obsession with me, both other's pasts and my own. I see ghosts everywhere, not the literal kind, but the ones we leave behind as we pass through.

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  1. The only thing that grabbed you was FEAR. You big chicken. The war on terror is on and you got scared, plain and simple! You had your chance to be a national hero, but instead, you fell backwards!!! Actually, you probably fainted... That's why you have delusions of being grabbed. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. When going gets tough, the Zombie faints!!! HEHEHEHEHE...

    //Nick Hogan//