Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Garbage Picking; Ok or Stealing?

The weirdest thing is happening right now. In the last few minutes, I have put out three random items for the trash on the curb. 1. A broken vacuum 2. Two halogen lights with no bulbs, basically small pieces of sheet metal 3. A wooden, framed in light. After I took out the vacuum, I was on my way back out with the halogen frames and there was a guy tearing apart my vacuum for parts. He looked up like Gollum and jumped back into his truck. Then as I was taking out the Framed in lights, a different guy was grabbing the halogens and he road off. Then just as he left, a different guy rolls up and takes the rest of the vacuum except for the hose which he tossed on the grass and the framed in lights. It is so weird by my house. I had mentioned before that someone went through my trash one night. It was so weird.

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