Thursday, August 7, 2008

Freeway Typing Isn't Easy

I am going up north right now. Remember the commercial where the guy digs a hole and is in the grave looking hole on the internet. He had one of those internet cards, oh crap I just sounded really old with that last statement, like he had one of those phones, where you can take them outside with you but only for a few houses then they get static. I have one of those from Laura's work. I just did some homework and am now passing the time on the intenet. Anyway, the semester is over today and i get a week off of school, so we are taking a 5 day sabaticle and going up north to the cabin. Be jealous, I am going to pull one hundred unedible and tiny fish out of the lake, then build a sub par fire that I need gasoline to maintain burning, then going to eat all weekend and get fat. On an unrealted note my friend The Body gave me a glass he found at the house he is moving in to from Boblo Island. Most of you have never heard of such a place, but for Michiganders, Boblo was the cheapest vacation at home you could ever go on. You had to go get on a ferry boat and you get there and it wasn't really special, but still we went back until it closed. The gates froze over and they tore it down to build mansions. I miss Boblo Island, I even wrote a song about it, here it is on one of my Myspace pages. It is called Boblo Island and I am listed as Noi.

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