Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Cycle Of Neglect

Last night, Laura and I were watching this True Life Documentary on kids trying to find their dads. One of the little girls had this cute little guy who she tried so hard to get his daddy to love but with no avail. It was really sad because the mom knew what it was like to grow up without knowing your father, so no matter how ugly this kids dad was, she wanted the kid to know him as his dad. It makes me sad because the statistics get worse every year for kids born into broken homes, and the world wonders why this generation is more angry with more self-destructive tendencies than ever before. Imagine the next generation, and how they are going to be. Every generation has a diminishing respect for the family and it's importance. Soon enough, things keep going the way they are and kids will hate the idea of family, no one will have a dad, or mom for that matter, and everyone will think only about themselves. We are not far off from this. My friend's ex wife just tried to kill herself with her kids present. Imagine the message this sends to the kids. Imagine the repercussions of our actions. They all of the grown ups responsible sit back and scowl at the youth and the bad choices they have made without recognizing the the role they played in the disaster. The baby boomers thought they would rule the world and they did, they had so much success, they conquered everything including communism. But as a whole, they neglected their kids. I say this as a generalization which I try not to do, I realize the many exceptions to this, many great parents coming out of all of the following generations but the truth is the truth. They criticized their kids for their lack of success. They called them the Bridger generation, because they weren't quite right, they were too effected by the poor parenting and would do everything different than their parents did, they weren't good enough but would bridge to something amazing, the Gen X. This Generation would master the computer age. They would conquer everything again. They would reach for the sky, but then they denied their kids. And here we are; Generation who knows. Our parents who are responsible for raising us, call us the me generation because we are so selfish, yeah we are, as if they weren't. We underachieve and will follow the same cycle the Bridgers did. We will do everything different and will have highly successful and neglectful kids. Meanwhile our families are divided physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


  1. ancestor- A person from whom one is descended, especially if more remote than a grandparent; a forebear. According to
    So, my grandmother's sister don't count! Just thought that I'd post this here since I done my research.... Your buddy... whoever he is

  2. Where does it say dead person?

  3. Really great and honest post.... I always appreciate your thoughts.

    As a product of a broken home... a child raised without a Father... this really hits home for me.

    As a little girl I would make up stories to my friends that my Dad was a business man who traveled alot and that is why he was never home. I even went as far to set a place for him at the table. So sad really. God has had to do SO much healing in me from all of it.
    As a teen I went A-wall. I was a MESS and turned to drugs and many relationships in order to fill that void of a Father.

    The thing is... it doesn't ever go away. My wedding day I cried and cried because no one was there to walk me down the isle. No one was there to dance with me. I still cry at every wedding when they have the Father/daughter dance.

    My Dad fathered other kids and raised them, but never came for me. He even adopted two kids (step children). Can you honestly be more rejected? Then they wonder why our generation is SO screwed up. HMMM.... I wonder. *sigh*

    God's tender mercy on me has been my husband who is the most loving, wonderful Father. True healing has come from seeing him be the Father to our kids that I missed out on. I am so thankful for him and getting to see our kids have what I missed out on.

    So this is a novel. Anyway, thanks for sharing.