Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Poem Story

Pushing, shoving, touchdown. Knocking people on the ground. Something, somthing, something something, shaking, aching, black and blue. Broken arms and broken legs, smashed up noses just like eggs. It may not be as bad as it may seem, as long as you don't mind a smashed up team.

This was a poem I turned in for a first grade poetry contest. I won the contest with such a beautiful demonstration on literacy for a first grader. All my teachers were so proud, they hung the poem up for all to see in the hallway. My mother was so proud.

But if only they had all read one of the books in their own library, particularly one of the children's poetry books, they would have found to their surprise the same exact poem published by another child a bit older than I. To this day, I have told no one that my proud moment was a lie. Until now. Sorry mom, sorry Mrs. Hamel, sorry kid I stole the poem from, sorry world.

PS. I don't regret it.


  1. I was gonna say that you were forgiven, but because of your post script, you're not! You know what the bible says about stealing poems?

    I think you need a privacy fence in your back yard like they have in Canada, and you need to go sit in the corner of your yard and think about what you've done. The fence will allow you not to look dumb sitting alone in the corner of your backyard!

    // the big guy upstairs//

  2. Oh my...that made me laugh out loud. I did the same thing. I stole a poem from Teen magasine. I got an A++ on it and my Mom went crazy for it. She still talks about it. Since then I've tried to write stuff to beat it....no success. Although unlike you I've never come clean. Maybe in a few more years.