Monday, July 14, 2008


In Toronto, my brother in law was making fun of Canada. (He works for the government) He was saying how he was going to drop a suggestion in the box that said to bomb Canada. I laugh (American). But my cousin did not (Canadian). She then came back with something a bit off the wall, but totally true. She pointed out America's desire and drive for gated communities. She is right. Why the gates, are we keeping others out or ourselves in. Either way, what are we doing? My friends and I were talking about starting a revolution to get people to tear down their privacy fences. Why do we want so badly to separate us from our neighbors. One thing I noticed and really liked about Canada was the closeness of the homes. Especially in the new communities. We are trying so hard to expand the distance between us and the neighbors, while they are trying to close it. Christians! Tear down the fences! That will be the rally cry. We celebrate when they tore down the wall, we celebrate when they closed the gap between space and mankind, why not break down what separates us from having more quality relationships with our neighbors.


  1. Hey Adam,

    I know what you mean by the fences. I think Americans do this because they are so stressed out from people, work and life, that they just want to escape from it all when they are home. Home is their sanctuary in a sense. It's sad, because when we feel burned out, that is when we need others the most. But, alone time is needed to recharge our souls also.

    BTW... your experience in Canada was strange. I had a similiar experience in Berkley West Virigina once on vacation. Creepy.

    Also, I wanted to say you have a beautiful family.

    God Bless.

  2. I guess that would stop me from walking out to my garage in my underwear. :) Great post!

  3. Adam,

    Yes indeed the amount of yard privacy fences is startling, and yet the fences and walls we build on the inside are even worse! You do your tearing deconstruction of fences every time you write a post that is transparent.

    Brad has a good point :D Now, if I had a yard, and the people next store kept a very messy yard I might also consider a large wooden fence haha! However, I would invite them into the fence!

    Blessings to you! I hope all is well with you!


  4. Adam, wasn't funny how she mentioned our "American Desire" for gated communities from within the walls of her parents 10 ft privacy fence? To quote a great Canadian, "Isn't ironic, don't ya think? Just a little too ironic, I really do think!"