Monday, July 28, 2008

The Door Lock Story

So a funny thing happened last weekend. We were in a bad neighborhood and we needed to stop at the pharmacy to get some diapers for Aevry. Well I stayed in the car with the kids as Laura went inside to get the diapers. As I was sitting there listening to some music, I noticed an unsavory looking black man walking toward me. I will explain the importance that he was black in a moment. I took a look at him, then again, and reach ever so gingerly to the power lock button on my van. I hit the button and a second after I did, the lock unlocked itself. So I hit it again, maybe a little panicked because the perp was getting a bit closer to my car and now giving me a mean stink eye. It again unlocked itself and the guy walked right past me to the drugstore. In which I was terrified for my wife who was still in there. No I am joking about the last part. I kept trying the lock once I was safe and it kept unlocking itself until I realized that maybe this was God doing this to tell me I was either a racist or a guy who stereotypes thuggish ruggish people. I can't tell you why I did that because I believe I would have in that neighborhood no matter what color the scary looking guy was, but I can't be sure. So my wife returns, safely, and I explain to her what happened and she freaks out because it did that to her too a week prior, and wouldn't you know it happened to her while she was trying to lock her door to some unsavory guy too. Coincidence? Hm. We aren't racists, but we did grow up in very white house holds in very white neighborhoods. So who knows.

Anyway, I have posted Part 6 of my screenplay here


  1. Would you have acted the same if some unsavory white guy, with a gruffy beard, white tank top or tee shirt with tattoo's all over his body was approaching the area of your car? if no or yes is your answer, you may have an answer.

    Once me and a buddy were driving no more than a mile from my house. When we approached the stop light, there was a young African/American man (could've been from an Island, I don't know) was standing there at a bus stop. For some reason my friend whom I suspect isn't one to trust people of color, made mention of him standing there. Well I (and I swear it was innocent) hit the lock button trying to be funny. Well the guy (African/American or Islander) heard the locking noise and gave my friend a diry look. Because we were stopped right next to him waiting for the light to change and my friend was still staring at him. Oh golly was that funny and my friend was pissed. I said, well that is what you get for being a rascist....

    I propose we stop locking our car doors from know on??? Who's with me???



    //Mr. Kotter//

  2. I would be equally as scared I think being that as a young boy, some guy who looked like me tried to kidnap me and a friend, only to be thwarted by my rolling up the window on his arm in a video store parking lot. On another note, I do think we should stop locking our car doors, and here is why. 2 weeks ago, I parked my car outside of a theater and it was broken into. Because the doors were locked, they smashed in the window. I have a thousand dollar deductible on my car insurance, so besides losing my stuff inside, which was only stuff, I had to pay for the window. If they are going to get in anyway, might as well save some money on a new window.

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  4. I don't know if I'm down with with guns or not? I'm not against them. But I do agree with the right to shoot a tranquilizer dart at someone if they appear to be in the mist of harming me. Actually I think if you were to shoot a person/large mean man with a tranquilizer dart while they were attempting a crime against you, and then kicked him about the teeth, torso, and genitals, that would be quite a life lesson learned when he awoke with a very sore private area (and missing teeth).

    Sorry to get so deep.

    //Vincent Vaugh//

  5. Why are posts being deleted? Now I'm interested in reading it? Why have you done this? What am I missing? What is being hidden from me? Why, why? Why??????? CENSORSHIP IS BLASPHEMY! Oh, wait, I think I already read it. Nevermind. Sooooo, Pudge for Farner.....Hmmmmmm....I think we got ripped!!! Discuss... I'm gonna boil some hotdogs.

    //Sergie Federov//

  6. I like the trade. One post got deleted because I thought it may have been offensive.